starbucks sunday: tomorrow is my 25th birthday.

in honor of the fact that i am joining the quarter-century club tomorrow, i give you:

25 things i vow to do 
in my 25th year.

1. choose my career path & pursue it.
2. write a children's book & get it published.
3. take the GRE.
4. see taylor swift in concert.
5. clean out my closet & donate my clothes.
6. construct a budget & stick to it.
7. visit kara at millsaps.
8. become a morning person.
9. send a postsecret.
10. go to a movie by myself.
11. knit a scarf.
12. run a 10k.
13. lose the weight & keep it off.
14. read at least 20 books.
15. visit a place i've never been to before.
16. make this bracelet.

(justin: tall caramel frapuccino
lauren: tall nonfat caramel macchiato)

17. sew something all by myself.
18. watch breakfast at tiffany's in its entirety.
19. go out of the country.
20. create a workout routine & stick to it.
21. learn to play a song on the guitar so kara & i can sing a duet.
22. never go to bed without brushing my teeth.
23. pick a laundry day & stick to it.
24. complete my four art projects.
25. live for the moment.

(photo: iphone)


Laura said…
I made a similar list for my 25th and it's time to update it for the big 26! Happy early birthday friend! L-Dub
meg fee said…
happy almost birthday!! such a great list--can't wait to follow along as you check them all off.
Laura said…
I am visiting from 20sb. I love reading people's lists and yours is quite ambitious. Good luck!
s a m said…
I just turned 24 in July and I wish I made a list like this.

funny thing : I'm also studying for the GRE - 4 weeks left to go! and I see Taylor Swift in 2 weeks. Kindred Spirits :)

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