carolina summer, day three: downtown greenville.

we woke on saturday morning to brunch at the green room on main street, which had caught my eye the first day i arrived in greenville. after my delicious salad - which coincidentally spawned my chicken-strips-and-honey-mustard binge for the rest of the trip - justin showed me around downtown, stopping first at coffee underground. need i say more? while the baristas whipped up our mint mochas, i dreamt of reading in the cozy nooks, which had that trademark coffeeshop vibe with air cold & caffeinated. we visited the falls at reddy park next, as i dreamt of doing yoga on the crisp, green grass. and how cool is it that greenville has a waterfall right in their downtown? i think it is really cool, myself.

after some shopping at the greenville mall, we decided mexican food & a movie were in order. so we stopped into don pablos for some buffalo & chipotle chicken tacos, which were delicious. the flick of the night was the change up, which had us laughing out loud almost the entire time. i have to say, this was another great night, just adding to the great time we were having on our vacation. just thinking about it makes me miss it!

(photos: my point & shoot)


Julie said…
Lovely photos! Also: I think chicken strips and honey mustard are perfect summer food :)
Leah said…
What a lovely holiday! I can't wait to be back in the land of coffee shops! Thanks for becoming a follower! It's so much fun to share my blog with new people!!
Stevie Leigh said…
Gorgeous! Makes me want to visit!

Terrific blog, girl!

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