friday's fancies #1. wedding style.

friday's fancies # 1

Print dress
$98 -

Yves Saint Laurent slip on shoes
$1,495 -

Quilted handbag
$2,080 -

Dara Ettinger long earrings
$105 -

Essie Nail Polish Sew Psyched One Size
$8 -

i have been admiring friday's fancies on {long distance loving} for weeks upon weeks now.

so this week i am thrilled to link up with {av} & take part in the wedding-themed festivities!
 i chose this topshop dress because i think it'd be perfect for a late summer gathering - the yellow is reminiscent of warm summer days, but the willowy floral pattern lends itself to impending autumn. i opted for these fabulous ysl slip-on black cutout wedges because they are edgy & modern without being over-the-top gaudy. not to mention, i'm kind of in love with them. the red lipstick & blingy earrings glam the whole thing up, which is (of course) complemented by the timeless & chic quilted chanel. a quick coat of this glossy natural shade on my fingers & toes, & i'd be out the door!


Jenny Moreau said…
gushing over there! Love the blog idea! The dress! & The Shoes!!
Stephanie said…
Found you on Friday's Fancies. Great outfit!! Love the dress!
gosh i love that dress seriously loving it! and i have fiji essie color but ill have to look for that color next time i go to target
Marian said…
Are you kidding me with those much fun!! And that dress- love it!
Leah said…
Love this dress! I'm in love with this colour even though it doesn't really complement my skin tone. Most of the time I rebel and wear it anyway. If I could pick one place where I would dress myself from head to to, it would be topshop. Just waiting to win the lottery! Thanks for your encouraging comments!

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