what the water gave me.

after a drought that had left us with hot, humid air & brown, crunchy grass for seemingly endless summer weeks, i am happy to say that we have had a stormy shreveport day.

and it's true: i love thunderstorms. although they offer up ideas of big fluffy, beds & beloved, well-worn books... which makes being at work extra difficult.

and then there's this little gem that popped up as a new release on my spotify today (& has been on repeat since):

thank you, florence, for providing the perfect soundtrack for my rain-soaked louisiana day.

(video: youtube)


carissa said…
we've had the similar drought-like conditions for much of the summer until this month. now we're bathing in the cozy of the thunderstorms almost daily!
Leah said…
I love Florence and the Machine! And thunderstorms! Looking forward to seeing them more often now that I'm in the States

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