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happy birthday, dad!

I hope you have a great day! Looking forward to seeing you in Jackson in just a couple of weeks!
Photo / At The Wedding / Sowell Archives

around here lately.

Ever since Spring has officially sprung here in Wilmington, we find ourselves getting out around town so much more. The warm weather sees us eating alongside the Cape Fear River frequently, & I have even made my way out to the beach once already, with high hopes of many return visits. The town is coming back to life after the coldest & longest Winter I can even remember. It is a joyful, joyful thing, Spring-time.

a smiling beach selfie | trying Bon Appetit for the first time | Justin's Easter picture

i finally got my hair cut again - here is a before & an after. all i have to say is, #wifehair

wisteria in bloom | the beautiful green fields of East Carolina

first culinary experience at The Scullery yielded my first latte art | justin indulged in simple coffee

after Church on Easter Sunday, we had brunch at Dixie Grill, a downtown favorite of ours

lunch on Carolina Beach with R at Tiki Bar | sunset dinner with Justin at Delphina Dos | new glasses!
As you can see, a lot of eat…

the sunday currently, volume 84.

i've basically been living at our local dunlin donuts this week. it's iced coffee season!
Good morning! How do you do? I'm so glad you're back here for another edition of The Sunday Currently. Last week, I held back a little so I could fully soak in all the Easter goodness. This week, though, it's back to regularly-scheduled programming. 
C U R R E N T L Y . . .
R E A D I N G  The Light Between Oceans, by M.L. Stedman. And since we last spoke? I've finished Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and read both Gone Girl and Divergent. I've been on a reading kick, to say the very, very least. And I love it. The Light Between Oceans is a book I've admired from afar on my reading list for a long time. It felt like a very dreamy book to me, and I hope it fulfills this lofty image I have in mind. Soon I'll be sharing a post about my past four reads, so I'll share my thoughts on the other two books then. W R I T I N G  scholarship applications, scrip…

this is it.

It's a tough thing, writers' block. It's a tough thing, bloggers' block.
I always swear to myself, up and down, that no matter what, I'll just continue to write. No matter what, I'll just continue to blog. Because writing - because blogging - is allowed to be a fluid representation of you, in whatever form it may come out. It doesn't have to be perfect. It doesn't even have to make sense. It just has to come from a voice that is uniquely you - uniquely yours. 
I don't know what happens to stifle my voice. But, it's always a creeping thing. Slowly, less lines of paper taken up with my thoughts. Slowly, fewer lines of text in a blog post. But then, it feels sudden. Suddenly, no journal entries. Suddenly, no blog posts. 
It's all a delicate flow, really. It's a fragile push and pull, a give and take, writing. It whirs along at the speed of light, and then, the tiniest distraction or divergence can throw it off kilter, and then, well, it…

let's go to the beach.

THINGS AROUND the C Residence have been hustling and bustling lately. Hustling and bustling, and bustling and hustling, and everything in between. But still, I feel myself thinking those five words internally. I feel them echoing around in my head, ready to be spoken aloud.
Let's go to the beach.
Let's go to the beach, if only to feel the rhythmic swishing of the tide over our feet. Let's go to the beach, if only to stand there and marvel at it for a second. Let's go to the beach, and let's forget about all of our worries and stresses. I've grabbed our towels. Let's go.
Photos / The Beach / Nikon

the sunday currently, volume 83 [Easter Edition!].

Join me here next week for regularly-scheduled TSC programming.
Please do feel free to link up your posts this week, though! I hope you & all of your loved ones have a happy, happy Easter!

Celebrating Nanny: her love of flowers.

Nanny loved plants & flowers. She prided herself on the floral arrangements around her house & in her yards. I still remember, as a little girl, I'd be sitting at the kitchen table with a near-panoramic view of the back yard, & I would ask, "Nanny, what kind of flower is that?" And then, she would tell me the name of the flower, & then, all about it. And even though we never really discussed it [from what I can remember], I bet she loved springtime. Her birthday was in springtime, yes, but mainly, all of her plants & flowers sprung back into life in the springtime. All of her hard work, blossoming back up, talismans bearing hope and pride and joy.
I love this memory of Nanny, because I can see in myself, today, a growing interest in and love of flowers. I've been noticing it a lot recently. "I can't wait until the crepe myrtles in front of the walkway to our apartment come into bloom," I'll think to myself. And then, I remember Na…

the sunday currently, volume 82.

wanting to venture out here again this week
C  U  R  R  E  N  T  L  Y  .  .  .

R E A D I N GHarry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, followed by Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl. Then? I will finally start reading Divergent! I want to see the movie, but I won't until I've read at least the first book in the series. That's just how I roll. W R I T I N G didn't really happen this week. When I'm honest, I know that this week was largely unproductive.  L I S T E N I N G to my two favorite stations on Sirius XM latey - Alt Nation, which is 32, & Underground Garage, which is 21. T H I N K I N G that this week I'm going to try out drinking decaf coffee. I know, I KNOW. My Dad & I have joked so much about decaf coffee in the past, calling it "fake coffee," etc. But lately, I am thinking that the caffeine associated with coffee is making me more anxious. Thus, my experiment with decaf begins today. S M E L L I N G like delicious salon hair products today. I got…

Celebrating Nanny: turnip greens & meatloaf.

When I was little, my grandparents would often take care of me [and my sister, too, after she was born] when my parents were both at work. This meant a multitude of home-cooked lunches [which my country-raised grandparents would call "dinner"] that Nanny would - effortlessly, it seemed - whip up in the kitchen. 
I loved everything she made, but two items really do stand out the most. She cooked up one delicious meatloaf, folks. And I largely credit that meatloaf to my continuing love of a food to which some turn up their noses. And then, there were the turnip greens. Yes, as a young child, I asked for these delectable greens to be added to my plate, sometimes even going back for seconds.
So today, I celebrate Nanny's unmatched skill in the kitchen - between measuring everything in pinches & dashes, to making everything from scratch, to teaching me the joy of "cleaning my plate" - she instilled in me a love of food - even the so-called weird stuff - that I …

breckenridge snapshot.

Back at the beginning of March, our friends Alex & Ashley were kind enough to invite us to come stay with them in Breckenridge, Colorado. Neither Justin nor I had ever been there before [or snow skiing!], so we were more than happy to make the trek west for a change of scenery. [And these photos are a huge change of scenery from yesterday's beachy post!

justin was already in colorado for our friend blaine's bachelor party,  so my trip over to meet him was a solo one; i enjoyed reading the cuckoo's calling.
upon arrival in denver, i was famished. we stopped at a little restaurant called  smokin' yard's BBQ, in idaho springs, on the way to breckenridge.
the view from our table at smokin' yard's. i loved being in the "real" mountains.

try as i did, i couldn't adequately capture the beautiful views we experienced on the drive  from denver to breckenridge. the mountains were steamy & foggy & stately.

massive icicles clung to the roof of the …

wilmington snapshot: wrightsville beach interlude.

an interlude is defined as a period of time between events or activities.  the interlude you see pictured above lay between  a trip to the library & an afternoon spent cleaning the house.
LAST WEEK, I packed up a bag with a blanket, a camera, & a book. I was headed to the coast - to Wrightsville Beach. When I got there, I spread my blanket out in the cushiony sand. It was chillier than I had expected: there was a cool breeze, but the sun was very warm on my face & legs. I read a few pages out of And The Mountains Echoed, snapped a few photos, & just laid back & relaxed. In the future, when I think about our time in Wilmington, I want to remember days just exactly like this one. The only thing that would have made it better would have been if Justin had been out there with me instead of at work.
[Photos: Wrightsville Interlude | Nikon]

a little snippet on sharing our view of others.

We live in a world where - I believe - it is getting increasingly harder to figure out how we view ourselves through others' eyes. Our self-identity, if you will.
The other day, a friend & I were walking, talking about this & that & life & everything else. And she said something about how careful she is now, compared to how reckless she used to be.
"You feel adventurous to me," I said.
I think it's a great gift, to tell someone exactly how you see them. We walk around all the time with these ideas about everyone around us, but we fail to remember that those people often have no idea how exactly we see them. And maybe, for some of those individuals, that's a good thing. Because, naturally, we don't have positive outlooks on all of our peers. 
But just think how wonderful it would be, every once in a while, for someone to share their unique viewpoint of your character, with you. It would be akin to someone taking a candid snapshot of you, placi…

the sunday currently, volume 81.

Good morning! And happy Sunday! Hello, everyone... I am happy this morning because today, we have decided, will be a day of productivity here around the C Residence. When I finish this post, we're off to the gym, then the grocery store, & then we'll be cleaning the house [which is sorely needed]. I don't know... sometimes there's just something exhilarating about getting back on track... the prospect of a clean house... the prospect of a great workout. That's where we are today.
Also, it appears Spring has officially arrived here in Wilmington. In fact, last week I went to the beach. And yesterday, when I went walking with a friend, I regretted the decision to wear pants instead of shorts. It was that warm. It seems I'll never know from year to year whether I'll be a Spring/Summer lover or a Fall/Winter lover... but this year, I know... I'm already in love with Summer Time.
C  U  R  R  E  N  T  L  Y  .  .  .

R E A D I N GAnd the Mountains Echoed. The…

Celebrating Nanny.

Today would have been my grandmother's 90th birthday.
On March 12, 2014, she passed away, & I got on an airplane home. I spent the next two weeks with my family, talking about Nanny, remembering the good days, & figuring - knowing - that now she must now be in a better place. 
But a memory I know that I will hold dearest has to be when I was going through all of the photos and re-sizing them, preparing them for a slide show our family would watch at her memorial. I say it was a dear moment, because as I was pouring over the images, I realized just how vivid all of my memories of her still are. And how lucky I am that they still are. And how much I want to get them down somewhere so that I may never forget them.
That's why every Friday for the month of April - her birthday month - I will be sharing photos of her, along with those dear memories of a woman who was not only a grandmother, but a caregiver to me. Nanny was not just an interesting, unique woman, but also a good …

march makeup bag.

TODAY I wanted to kick off a little monthly series that I'm excited to start here. I love makeup, & I've long been wanting to figure out a different way to share my favorites, as well as ways I've been using those products. This makeup bag was a gift from Justin, & I adore it.
This month, I'll simply be sharing the contents alone, but in the coming months, I plan to share specific looks, complete with photos & techniques I've picked up while incessantly watching YouTube beauty videos. Disclaimer: I'm definitely no expert. I just want to share what I know! 

For primer, I've been using the Revlon PhotoReady. I haven't been using this product daily, but only on days that I know I'll be really active, or for days when I know my makeup will need to wear all day long. For foundation, I've been torn between two selections: Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 [I currently have two shades: 805 & 825], & Maybelline FitMe [in 115]. T…

wilmington snapshot: a day downtown.

A few Saturdays ago, after I dropped Justin off at the airport, I found myself with an entire day ahead of me. I had previously had plans to venture downtown to check out The Cotton Exchange's Mardi Gras celebration, and that is exactly what I did.

It was quite a gloomy day, but the streets were still bustling, despite the somewhat chilly temps. I love spending time in downtown Wilmington, and in the photos below, you'll see some of its charm, I'm sure.
I've greatly missed my consistent snapshot series posts, and I hope this one is the beginning of bringing them back full-force! I'm also planning to add a new type of photo post, which I think I'll be calling my "Photo Diaries," into the mix soon. So, be on the lookout!
Have you ever been to Wilmington? What about other areas of North Carolina? It really is a state that possesses a lot of natural beauty, isn't it?
[Photos: Mardi Gras in Wilmington | Nikon]