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a recognition of myself.

i need to remember to write.  not only is it like therapy to me,  but i just don't want to fall  out of the practice. i already feel rusty at just  simply writing my thoughts down.
i always have myself.  i always have a pen and paper. i always have books and stories and movies and shows on netflix.  i need stillness and quiet and a recognition of myself. to have those things is to have peace.

a milestone.

listening to: beach house, specifically, the devotion album from 2008, which is probably my favorite. beach house has got to top the list of my favorite things to listen to on an overcast, rainy spring/summer day. you should try it sometime.
yesterday was my very last day of class. my last time to walk the halls of the allied health building as a classroom-only student. my last time to congregate with my classmates in that setting. true, in december, we will all be together again for graduation, but, you know, yesterday was kind of a turning point, a big deal, a milestone. 
and then, there's the fact that justin and i have a son coming into this world at the end of august. 
there is so much to celebrate right here in this moment. so that is what i am going to do.
photo: hydrangeas | lowe's home improvement | greenville, nc | may 2016