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a photo, a wish, & a thank you.

the extremely hectic nature of the week i just put behind me only makes me feel a smidge better about not having prepped a friday's fancies post this week. in lieu of my usual post, i'll leave you with a little photo & a little wish: that this weekend is one i'll always remember, for all the right reasons.

and if you're positively itching for some fashion-inspired material, here is last year's friday's fancies labor day look. i can't believe it's been over a year since i first started participating in alison's link-up. it's something i genuinely enjoy putting together nearly every week, & it has enabled me to become acquainted with a great group of fellow bloggers. and if that wasn't great enough, i'm beyond excited that she will be guest posting here on siddathornton next friday, as i recover from the bachelorette festivities of this weekend. thank you, alison, for all you do!

monday - a wilmington wish list.
tuesday - lunch time …

love lists: august.

read on to discover the items that brought a smile to my face in the eighth month of 2012.
1. clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel. this is seriously the best moisturizer i've ever discovered for my skin type. my skin tends to get oily, but it isn't always - i guess that would make me a 'normal to oily' type of person. the gel - rather than the lotion they also offer - is so, so light weight & moisturizes without clogging my pores or making me overly-hydrated. i will continue to re-purchase this for as long as they continue to make it.

2. l'oreal voluminous carbon black mascara. i heard all the raves over this product, but i was still hesitant to pick up a tube of it [i don't know why - it's only $5.99 in my local drug stores]. but the other day, i decided i was ready to take the plunge. i'm SO glad i did. this mascara is exactly the kind of mascara i like: makes lashes thick, a bit on the clumpy side [yep, i'm one of those], & e…

bachelorette party essentials: one last nod to neon.

this weekend, i'm hopefully* headed southeast to alabama for my bachelorette party!
bachelorette parties are serious business. you've got dancing. you've got drinks. you've got festivities upon festivities. throw the beach into the mix & you've got quite an event to plan & pack for, in order to stay safe, sun savy, & hydrated. and with labor day signaling the end of summer-time fashion, i thought it'd be fitting to give summer one last wave goodbye with a neon-focused look. 
below are my picks for surviving a sun- & sand-filled fete.
sunscreen | sunglasses | nail polish | lip balm | hat | ihome | tote | water bottles
not only will the girls & myself be celebrating this weekend, but justin & his guys will be soaking up the rays & going out on the town for his bachelor party in myrtle beach, south carolina! be on the look-out for a recap of both events week after next. next week, i have some great guest posts from some of my favorite blog…

lunch time currents.

readinggraceling... still. it's not that i don't like it. i just can't get into it enough to sit & read for hours. i need to wrap it up, though... because the september book club selection is where we belong, by emily giffin. writing immense wedding to-do lists. we're getting organized & are ready to tackle the remaining tasks! listening to the hum of an office at work. thinking that i really hate politics. and that it's total crap that gas prices are about to go up simply because there is a hurricane. smelling my coworker's cup of coffee, sitting on the desk beside me. and it's making me anticipate the coffee i'm going to brew shortly. wishing for a complete accept/decline list for the wedding. hoping that hurricane isaac leaves my family's & friends' houses alone - in fact, that he will leave everyone & everything alone. wearing scrubbie scrubs. and sperry's. and fall-time nail polish. loving my family. and friends. and how they ar…

a wilmington wish list.

here's a little list of things i hope justin & i can get around to doing as we wrap up 2012 in our brand new city.
1. eat some delectable sea food at catch. justin was lucky enough to try this place out with one of his coworkers last week. his excitement over how great the food was, was all i needed to hear: i can't wait.

2. get our apartment decorated. want to see the design aesthetic i prefer? i think it's best described as ecclectic romantic. check it out here.

3. go for a long run at my park. i have been stalking hugh macrae park ever since justin started interviewing in the wilmington area. and now that i've researched it online a bit, i can tell it's already so much more than i could gather by peering into it from oleander drive. i can't wait to run, walk, & explore in this park.

4. go christmas shopping at mayfaire towne center. although my experience with this cute little shopping center is limited to a delicious meal at tokyo 101 & admiring…

friday's fancies #41 + friday's letters.

friday's fancies #41: roadtrippin' every weekend. by siddathornton featuring short shorts I HAVE to tell you: i felt extremely qualified to participate in this week's friday's fancies theme, which is - obviously - roadtrip. why? well, i have been on three road trips in the past five weeks, so that makes me a pro in roadtrip attire. and, of course, for each of those road trips, i could be found dressed a chicly as the above [yeah right]. we all know that comfort is the main ingredient for those long hours in the car, & i think this striped burberry prorsum t shirt perfectly fits that bill. it's cute, but i can just tell by looking at the photo, that this shirt is ultra-soft. could there be a more perfect article of clothing for a roadtrip, than denim shorts? i don't think so. these rag & bone the cut-off denim shorts are seriously cool. i may be in love. but my love of this burberry prorsum earlsburn leather tote cannot be topped. the day i add one of the…

twenty-sixth birthday snapshot.

I HAVE to say: twenty-six had a pretty perfect start.
messages from my favorite people all day long. dinner with a few close friends at sushi gen. galavanting at both superior steakhouse & stray cat.
the only thing i can think of that would have made my day better - i am sure you can guess what i'm about to say - is the presence of absolutely all the people i love. [yes, especially you, justin].
but mostly, i just feel both lucky & grateful that i've managed to collect some of the best people in the world over the years, & call them friends. friends that are there to celebrate with, to traverse rough terrain with, & really, to just experience life with.
thank you to all who helped start off this twenty-sixth year of life with absoutely nothing but pure joy. i owe it all to y'all.

and now i'm looking forward to family birthday brunch, coming this weekend!
here's to twenty-six.

photo: stray cat shenanigans \ instagram

twenty-five: a year in review.

WITH TWENTY-SIX on today's horizon, i thought it'd be fun to look back on this past year & all that has happened... i was just about to turn twenty-five when i started this blog, & now i'm turning twenty-six. a year ago, i wasn't engaged, & now i am. i had lived in louisiana my entire life at this time one year ago, & now i have lived in kinston, north carolina, & after i get married, i will live in wilmington, north carolina. my sister left the country [well, at least for a little while]. the day finally came when i brought myself to read another classic. in my twenty-fifth year, my friend jenny got engaged & married, my friend lindsey got engaged, & my cousin geoff got married. travels upon travels were documented, both of the land & air varieties. my blog child turned one. i finally, FINALLY got to see taylor swift in concert.oh, & we absolutely cannot forget that luke wilson made me cry. boy, has it been a year!

perhaps you remem…

a little girl named libby lou.

ON SATURDAY, my family welcomed a new addition to our home. of course, i've been calling her new girl, & now i can't stop. is new girl an appropriate name for a pet? i don't really think it is.

we found libby lou at petsmart in bossier, as the pound puppies are brought up there nearly every saturday morning in the hopes of them being adopted & brought home with their new families. we met lots of precious puppies that day, but when we rounded the corner & saw her, my dad & i knew she was the one.

she has a very, very chilled out temperment. if you want to hold her, she will stay still & nudge you every once in a while with her nose. put her down, & her tail wags non-stop. she is very observant, & will crane her neck in order to take in her surroundings. she is a very smart girl, & we are really loving getting to know her. and we think she is genuinely happy to be in her new home.

though i gather from the photo above that she did not particularl…

justin's new job.

REMEMBER HOWjustin & i are moving to wilmington? well, the truth is, while i am here in shreveport wrapping up the plans for this event, he is beginning his brand new job in  our brand new city. he is working hard, & i am missing him like crazy. and, let's be honest, i am jealous he is now posted up in our brand new apartment, 10 minutes away from the beautiful, rural beaches of this place. i hope the next few weeks fly by, so that i'll be headed back with him to wilmington & all that is in store for us there.
justin, good luck today as you start this new chapter of your career. everything that has happened up until now has been a blessing in disguise, bringing us to where we wanted to be all along. i am so proud of you!

photo one: wilmington \ iphone photo two: justin & me \ instagram

starbucks sunday: relaxation currents.

OH, HOW i miss starbucks sunday posts!
oh, how i miss drinking starbucks on sunday!
it has been entirely too long since i've enjoyed either one of the above. so, behold: currents brought to you on this lovely, lovely sunday after a truly rejuvenating weekend of rest, relaxation, & productivity. oh, and the drink i'm currently sipping? none other than a tall caramel frap, of course!
readinggraceling. still. and i'm getting a bit fed up with myself that i still haven't finished it. i just haven't been giving myself enough time to sit down & read lately. i guess that's what happens when you're working full time, planning the last details of your wedding, & working out as much as possible. it's ok - i'll get back into my reading groove soon! writing as much as possible. i've really been loving the written word lately, rather than grappling with it like i have been in previous months. i may just be getting inspired... listening to the hum of…

wishes for this weekend.

- to catch up on this girl's blog. and this one. and this one. and this one. and, many more.
- to go here & sit, laptop present in order to carry out my first wish, & sip on one of these.
- to cruise on the boat out here. summer days on the lake are such a fond family memory.
- to finish this book & get started on this one.
- to make another to-do list regarding this event, probably focused on the tasks mentioned in this post.
- to go on a long run & enjoy scenery like this.
- to go through the favorites i've saved here & catch up on the articles i've collected.
- to find myself planted firmly in this mind-set.
honestly, i just cannot express my excitement over the
hopefully relaxing & productive weekend that lies ahead.

tuesday - two months! & happy first birthday, siddathornton! wednesday - to mr. & mrs. colomb! thursday - on dancing like crazy. friday - wishes for this weekend.

on dancing like crazy.

IF YOU ever get a chance, sit down & try really hard to think about how short life really is. i'll be honest, the last time i remember really & truly being able to grasp this particular sentiment, i wrote this post. and during that time, i feel that my appreciation of the fleeting beauty that is life, was tangible. something i could see, in the people i love. something i could feel, both in my heart & with my hands. something i smelled in a field full of freshly-cut grass.
and while i have to admit to the sad truth that i cannot always be present in that mind-set, i've found there are little ways to remind myself - little bright points i can use in my life that seem to take me by pleasant surprise & whoosh me into gratitude.
and as my family & i danced both friday and saturday night away at my cousin geoff's wedding, i had flashes of that feeling, that gratitude.
i guess that's just bound to happen when you're dancing like crazy. you let go, y…

to mr. & mrs. colomb!

I TOOK this photo of jenny & david over two years ago, & on saturday, they got married!

here are some photos from the festivities:

here's to many, many years of happiness for these two. congratulations & best wishes! i did my darndest not to cry, but it's official: i'm a sap.
here, here!

read their engagement story here.
photo: jenny & david, jazz fest 2010 \ point & shoot other photos: c/o anna claire stevens \ her instagram

happy first birthday, siddathornton!

I CAN'T really believe it's already been a year since i first began writing & sharing my life in this space. there have been ups & downs, time periods of severe inspiration, & time periods where dry spells reigned supreme. most of all, i'm just thankful. thankful for the creative outlet i've found here, thankful for the great connections i've made, & thankful for the comfort derived from being part of a place in which i find endless inspiration.
here are a few of my favorite posts from the past year:
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i guess when i said 'a few,' i really meant 'way too many.'
i'm so happy to celebrate one year for siddathornton, & …