Monday, October 24, 2011

a foggy morning run.

my alarm went off this morning, & i silenced it. i was supposed to get up & meet a friend at the gym.

my alarm went off again. this time i turned it off & stayed in bed. and when my friend texted to let me know she wouldn't be making it to the gym, i thought about going back to sleep. but if i don't get up when my alarm first goes off, i'll sleep way too late & end up having to put my makeup on at work.

and no one likes to put their makeup on at work.

so i rolled out of bed, slid my chilly feet into borrowed slippers, & went downstairs. i contemplated coffee, watched a little of the news, then decided: i'm getting my run out of the way early today.

i pulled on a sweatshirt & sweatpants - it's cold outside on louisiana october mornings. the cold air stung my lungs, yes. and the park was still foggy, the ground still wet with dew, yes. but once i was out there, putting the miles behind me, i knew i made the right choice. i knew that starting the day out ahead really is what makes me the happiest, the most content - what makes me feel like i have my life together.

on this particular run, i saw children getting onto school buses, men in suits (there is an interestingly-placed law office in my neighborhood), a man walking his child to school, & a fellow early-morning runner.

and it was nice to see that everyone was doing their own personal version of monday morning activity. the earth was already humming with action & conversation & productivity.

and it was then i realized: how lovely it would be to be an early morning person.

maybe i will be.

(photo: iphone)


Michelle (michabella) said...

This is what I love about early morning runs! It was foggy here in Orlando too. Being a morning person ain't so bad ;)

Unknown said...

It's so nice to get your run finished in the morning! I'm so bad at getting myself to do it though...even though I know I'll feel so much better the rest of the day.

Jenna @ said...

I am always texting my roommate in the morning, "Just go to the gym without me. I cannot get up." Except the words are usually all over the place and misspelled since I'm so sleepy.

Good for you for getting out of bed and doing your run! That always feels great doing your workout in the AM!

The Beans said...

You've inspired me to try to get up earlier in the mornings so I can enjoy life a little more. :)


Stephanie said...

I totally love being a morning person and working out in the morning. It definitely helps my day. Good for you for going for your run in the morning! :)

Melissa:: Strong Sense of Style said...

Beautiful pic! I'm similar, hate mornings but when I do manage to get up and at it, I'm always so glad I did. Thanks for the inspiration!

Olivia Grace said...

Another Louisiana girl!!! I'm finding it SO hard to get up on these foggy mornings, too! So happy to have found your lovely blog!

carissa said...

i love the photo!!! one thing that makes me really happy (among other things, of course!) about being a stay at home mom is that i don't have to wear make-up. i HATE putting it on. like, i'd rather do the laundry. ha! so i imagine, doing it at work would be really no fun. i agree, i wish i was an early morning person.

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