friday's fancies #9: happy halloween!

friday's fancies #9: happy halloween!

if budgets didn't exist, i would be scooping up everything you see here, teasing & curling my hair for hours on end, & putting on as much makeup as possible, to the point that i could pass as a blonde-haired, fair-skinned kardashian sister. i was toying with multiple ideas for this week's friday's fancies over on {long distance loving}, but i thought dressing in dark, sparkly things & calling myself the blonde kardashian sister would be the most fun. 

first things first: those louboutins. i'm a little bit in love. and what better to complement those magnificent booties, than black, wax-finish skinnies & a sparkly top? if you answered 'nothing,' then you're right. moving on, we have the requisite dark opi polish. every time i watch those crazy kardashians on tv, i can't help but admire their manicures. and i want 'my private jet,' but i can't find it anywhere. that, apparently, is kim's signature color (sad that i know that? probably). 

as far as makeup goes, all i can think of when i think kardashian, is smoked out, heavy eyes & nude lips. and to say i'm in love with it is an understatement. i finished the look off with some elegant-but-fun black drop earrings & a rocker-vibe mixed metal ring. 

i hope everyone has a happy halloween! i will be headed over to my college town for homecoming tomorrow, but then i will be headed out for a night on the town, costume & all!



Joelle said…
This outfit is seriously amazing. I love the blonde Kardashian sister idea! I think you could pull it off ;)

Marian said…
That top and those booties are going to rule my dreams tonight:)
Val Fox said…
Hah that's a great idea! This totally looks like something a Kardashian would wear. How fun!
Amanda said…
Such a cute idea and a good way to put on a fabulous outfit!
Just found your blog and am now happy following :)
Happy weekend!
Stephanie said…
You would be a total hit as the blonde Kardashian sister!
Omgosh I have always wanted to be a blonde kardashian too!! Love their style and makeup and your Kardashian inspired look is just perfect! xo
Meagan Shack said…
Friday Fancies is becoming a favorite of mine. I'll ignore the whole Kardashian praise because I love you and this outfit.
Julie said…
This look is fabulous! I'd love it even for normal day to day (ok maybe night to night) wear, not just as a costume! You did a great job putting together a very "kardashian" look!

Hope you have a fantastic Halloween weekend!
Mo Pie, Please said…
This is one fun costume - looks like it could be worn any Friday / Saturday night! Have a great weekend!
can i have that sparkle-y shirt please? thank you. ;)
O my word, I LOVE this. It is totally out of my character so would be a really fun dress up. Get inspiration!
This outfit is hot! I love that top especially :)
Jenn :D said…
aww what a hott idea!! Thanks for commenting on mine. :D
Megan said…
Your blog is cute! Found you via followers fest and now following you ;-)
Deidre said…
Awesome! That nail polish is so much fun! I love nail polish names, they're all so ridiculous - I want that job!
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holy mackeral--what an INCREDIBLE outfit! I'd die for those Louboutins ;) you have great taste in fashion--and for costumes! haha. I know you had a great weekend...and I can't wait to hear all about it! thanks again for joining in the Friday's Fancies fun! xoxo {av}
Ivana said…
Wow, what an amazing ensemble! I´m craving everything from this list right now!

xx Ivana
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