october's accountability session.

if my calendar serves me correctly (& it usually does),
it appears that we are due for an update on my 25 things list.

i'm very happy to report that some progress has been made:

i think 4.5 out of 25 by month 2 is decent, though i feel i should probably up the ante for november. there are a few simple tasks on this list which are simply being overlooked (like going to a movie by myself, sending a post secret, watching breakfast at tiffany's, etc.). however, i am so happy to announce that i have chosen my career path (more to come on that later), but i need to begin the process of setting things in motion. and if all goes to plan, pursuing my career path will lead to the accomplishment of another list item: going out of the country (i know, it's very exciting). as for items such as constructing a budget & workout routine, those things are constantly being worked on, but they aren't where they need to be just yet.

as for everything else, it's time to get serious about all of this, y'all.

i only have 309 days left.


Jenna said…
Ahh! I am dying to know how choosing your career path will take you out of the country!! I am applying for MFA programs abroad...please tell me you are too! :) :)
carissa said…
this is awesome. you'll get there! you have time left. and you've done some fun things already - like see taylor swift. how cool is that!
I'd say you've done very well to get that much done off your list so soon!
Congrats on choosing your career path! Can't wait to hear what it is!

ps..I love going to the movies by myself!!

and I'm rooting for you on your children's book! ;)
Susan said…
You can do it! I think that you're doing awesome so far, I don't know if I'd be able to do all that in a year, good for you! And congrats on the career path! I know how tough it can be and lots of my friends are going through the same thing, so good for you! You've got this Lauren!

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