miscellany monday #4: another list of currents.

in honor of this lovely columbus day off work, i thought i'd share my parents' festive front-porch fall topiaries, which i helped perfect with moss just yesterday. i also thought i'd serve up a little list of currents for you, in keeping with lowercase letters' miscellany monday.


reading the pioneer woman: black heels to tractor wheels. i just plain have not been dedicating enough time to reading in the last week. when i was reading the hunger games trilogy, i could hardly be found without my nose in a book. last week just wasn't the same, & i truly missed it. and you know what? this book is really growing on me; as with many movies of my past, when i'm not reading this book, i begin to miss the characters that live within the pages... i begin to yearn for the time we'll meet again.

writing a to-do list in my head for this lovely day off.

thinking about how excited i am that my little sister will be making the trek from her college campus in jackson, mississippi, to our lovely hometown to spend fall break with us! i haven't seen my sister in what feels like ages, & for a girl who is very close to her sister, it has clearly been far too long. plus, who else am i going to do tribal dances in the car on roadtrips with? i am greatly anticipating her arrival on friday.   

smelling the gevalia pumpkin spice coffee that's brewing mere feet away from me (yum)!

wishing i didn't have so much to do - it's hanging over my head a little bit... but at the same time, i'm thankful for all of my opportunities.

hoping for some rain. tired of the crunchy, dry louisiana we've been experiencing. also, i want to go out on the boat, but until the lake rises, there's no chance of it.

wearing the most comfortable nautica sleep shirt ever, paired with the most comfortable, stretchy lounge pants ever. to say i'm happy & comfortable is an understatement.

loving the shape my fall playlist is taking. excited to share it this week when i mail it out. 

wanting to be good at dieting this week. think healthy, green, crunchy veggies! and green tea. 

needing - very badly - to paint my fingers & toes. if yesterday's post wasn't evidence enough, i don't know what would be. i think i'll add to that today's mental to-do list.

(photos: iphone)


I so hope y'all get some rain! I am dying to read the last two Hunger Game books!! I just cant justify spending money on them right now!! Enjoy your day off :)
Denise Pacurar said…
LOVE how your wrote this post!!! The pumpkins in front of you parents house are so cute! I love fall/harvest decoration!

Enjoy your day off hun!

xoxo Denise

carissa said…
now that is such a pretty entryway!

i want to read ree's book! ha! i say that like i know her or something.

enjoy this day off. : )
Stephanie said…
What a festive front porch! So pretty!
Those topiaries are gorgeous!! What a terrific idea!!

Would love to see what's on your fall playlist!! I need some new songs!!
Stephanie said…
You've got a lot of great "currents" going on right now. :) I need to paint my nails, too. Time for a new fall color!
Jenna said…
Oh my gosh- I am so impressed with your parents' topiaries! So perfect for fall and also so beautiful! :)
Lindsay R said…
what a cute front porch. I originally wrote "forch"-- can you tell it's late?

i too am in need of green veggies. i can feel it.
and i hope you get your rain!

Ivana said…
What an amazing post, I loved to learn something more about you :) I LOVED The Hunger Games, I´ve already read it twice, and I´ve been listening to the audiobook all the time :) I keep telling myself that it´s for a good purpose: Improving my English :D

Happy Tuesday!
xx Ivana
Style in the City
Whitney said…
Those topiaries are the cutest thing I've seen. I love fall decorations, but am not too into "halloween" home decorations. This is perfect. Did you make those?

A Lost Feather said…
i love the fall decor :) i finnnnnally got a pumpkin yesterday!

and i know exactly how you feel about wishing you didn't have so much on your to do list, but being happy you have a lot to do at the same time haha.. i am for sure in the same boat right now. blah.
rebecca said…
wowza! what a fabulous front door.

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