a small comfort.

when i was little, my family went to cracker barrel a lot.
it was over on our side of town, & it had just opened up.

and i guess - when you go to a place frequently - all of the feelings
you've ever felt at that place reside there,
ready to be felt again should you revisit them.

and well, i guess i was always happy, content, & comfortable
at this warmly lit, sweet-smelling little restaurant.

because all i have to do to escape from the stress, anxiety, & drudgery of daily life,
is walk through those country doors & make my way to one of the tables
softly glowing with the light of an old-fashioned lamp.

(photo: iphone)


Eliza said…
This is adorable! I'm new to your blog, but I just love it :) xoxo, eliza
carissa said…
this is so sweet. i love how places can bring us back to the simple, stress-free days of growing up.
i heart this post. it makes me feel calm inside. :)
my family is crazy about craker barrel.
and no, YOUUU are the sweet one! :) i'm so happy we are blog buddies too hunn. let the good times begin! xx

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