currents, round three.

currently, i am...

reading absolutely nothing. i've taken about a week & a half off of reading, & i am missing it terribly. for the rest of october & the whole of november, i will be playing catch-up. the facebook effect, by david kirkpatrick, & the girl who kicked the hornet's nest, by steig larsson, have both been left unfinished, & it's driving me crazy. both of them will be complete before the end of november, & then it will be on to the fresh, new, exciting winter list.

writing articles for zeltamae. dull, work-related emails. blog posts (i've definitely been on an inspirational kick as far as this little blog is concerned, & i love that. it makes me truly happy. i love writing on here). i've been brainstorming like crazy, though, for my grad school manuscript. after a quick trip to pick up some old diaries, i think i will officially begin writing it tomorrow. i'm hugely anticipating this moment. 

thinking of everything i need to do today. between work, a magazine meeting, & my many to-do's, i am a bit overwhelmed. coming back strong after lunch, though. i can handle all of this.  

smelling the fantasy by britney spears that i sprayed liberally over my entire body this morning. i am a sucker for sickeningly sweet perfumes in large quantities.

wishing i was touring north carolina with justin.  

hoping for a lovely long weekend, filled with homecoming, halloween, justin, friends, & family. but also hoping i can get all this work done so i can really enjoy my time off. 

wearing my black bow dress & a creamy white cardigan with ribbon trim. and my favorite gold ring.  

loving that justin is keeping me posted on his trip. it's a little bit like i'm there. i just looked up a restaurant in wrightsville beach where he may have lunch.

wanting indian food. so badly. it's all i can think about.

needing to get to work on my 'while you were out...' list. a bit of progress has been made, but not enough to say that anything has officially been checked off.



DJ said…
I definitely noticed the rush of inspiration re: the blog. I love it!

Now I'm craving Indian food too. It must be because of Diwali!
I have yet to read the first Girl with Dragon tattoo book. I DID get to finish reading a book this week. I finally made time and it was so worth it! :)
carissa said…
i'm so excited for all your writing endeavors! i love the feeling of being on a kick and brainstorming. it's so satisfying. : )
Stephanie said…
Indian food sounds so good right now!!!!!
Joelle said…
I have been taking a break from books for a lot longer than a week and a half, and I feel so out of the loop! I'm just so busy these days...but I really want to read the Girl with the Dragon tattoo before the movie comes out. Was it any good?

Jenna said…
Ugh. I haven't been able to read any pleasure books lately either. It's so depressing.

And I always want Indian food. ALL THE TIME.
Cary said…
All of Stieg Larrson's books are fantastic... I could read them again and again.
that outift sounds fabulous and i love that you are writing! i can't seem to stop writing these days!!
can't wait for engagement story... :)))

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