on this day a year ago...

i thought it'd be fun to remember what i was up to a year ago today,
according to my well-worn & well-loved ink & paper planner.

(riding shotgun on lunch break today).

october 5, 2010 was a tuesday. and from the looks of it, a busy one at that.

1. email j
2. study
3. knit
4. options
5. print blackboard stuff
6. models quiz
7. work
8. anatomy lab
9. slimfast dinner/lunch
10. study guide
11. bonus in learning center
12. {$465.12}
13. shoedazzle

and here is what i'm up to today, on 2011's october 5, which is a wednesday.

1. no heat curls*
2. budget
3. laundry
4. gym
5. prep savings
6. begin manuscript for grad school
7. shoe dazzle

there are some definite similarities - well... actually the only similarity is 'shoe dazzle.' what does that say about my life? and what does 'options' mean from last year? not to mention, it's a bit ridiculous that i had to remind myself to 'work' via my planner (can we say duh?). i'm happy to see that we've cut the to-do list down from 13  to 7. that must mean i'm learning how to simplify my life... right?

(photo: iphone)

*which i'll be blogging about tomorrow - i'm excited.


Jenna said…
Hahah what a fun thing to do! I like this!

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