starbucks sunday: outfit of another day.

here are a couple of outfits:

we will talk about the one on the left in a minute.

the one on the right is what i'm wearing today, complete with tall nonfat no whip pumpkin spice latte. it also might be what i was wearing last night while playing cranium with some hilarious people. 

the one on the left (you know, the one where mollie jean is looking at me like i'm a lunatic for taking self portraits with my phone in a mirror during lunch break) is something that i wore to work the other day.

and i loved it. a lot. i don't know what it is about the stackable layering quality of winter clothes, but it gets me every single time. i'd like to say that i love it because it's cozy & comfy, but something tells me i also enjoy the permission i'm given in the colder-weather months to just cover up my body & call it a day. 

when i think about winter clothing, i think about nights out in dallas, wearing long shirts that i pretended were dresses, with tights & high heels. about the chilly air & outdoor bars with those tall heaters. i think about nights out in slidell, wearing a silk skirt, a borrowed sweater, & my new black boots. i think about chilly nights at the sae house, bundled up & huddled around the trademark bonfires of the winter months.

so, i think that's another reason i love cold weather clothing: the fond fall & winter memories they summon. 

i know one thing for certain, though: i have an immeasurable & insatiable love of scarves. 

and the ever-so-elegant jeggings.

(photos: iphone)


love these! how comfy. :) and i love that game! :D
Ashley said…
Love love LOVE scarves. I'm so with you, girl! Cute outfits :)
Jenna said…
You look fabulous in that scarf! I love the look. And I love scarves. And winter clothing <3
Amanda said…
do i see an LSU sweatshirt on!?!? i already LOVE you!!!! :) haha thanks for the comment on my blog chica!! are you from Louisiana!?
HOORAY!! the girl with the comfy cute outfits is now following my party!! *happiness* ;)
thanks for entering the giveaway! i'm returning the favor and following you back. :)

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