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the sunday currently, volume 117.

christmas season is here
reading - Sarah Morgan: The Civil War Diary of a Southern Woman. I've long been wanting to read this book that my mother picked up during a visit to Destrehan Plantation in August of 1996, & it felt fitting to start it up over Thanksgiving break.    writing - Christmas lists! Soon it will be time to start up my Christmas shopping, & I want to be prepared. Also writing? In my journal. And in my planner, writing and crossing off to-do lists as we wrap up the rest of this semester.  listening - to my Christmas playlist on Spotify this morning was just what the doctor ordered. I woke early and was downstairs before 7. I turned on the Christmas tree, brewed a pot of coffee, & got some work done before anyone else woke up. It was a morning well-spent! thinking - that it's time to get in check with diet & exercise. I have greatly enjoyed my very indulgent Thanksgiving week, but I'm ready to be healthy and get in shape before the end o…

the sunday currently, volume 116.

cloudy thursday fresh market hand cream first 2015 peppermint mocha
Hello, good morning. I am coming to you from a windy-rainy Greenville today. I just ate a bowl of berry oatmeal, & I am sipping on a brown sugar latte from the local coffee shop. Justin & I are planning to clean today, in anticipation of our Thanksgiving guests, who are set to arrive on Tuesday. I will also be chipping away at some upcoming assignments, so that Thanksgiving break can be just that - a break. I am so excited that the holidays are upon us. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, & New Years truly combine to form my favorite time of year. 
reading nothing, & I am sad about it. I never finished Go Set A Watchman, & I don't think I'm going to. I'm going to bring Jessica's copy back to her tomorrow, in fact, because I have had it since the summer, & I don't want to hold onto it any longer. Someone else may want to borrow it from her! I am missing my passion for re…

the sunday currently, volume 115.

Not a lot of photos have been snapped lately. Not a lot of words read or written. That doesn't mean, however, that there isn't heart behind these words. Though they are few, they are still written with love and intention. And with wishes for world peace. And for Christmas break to be upon us. And for more time with loved ones. And for more journaling and introspection and reading and writing and listening and thinking. Even though I know that these posts exist as a sort of timeline of my life, it still stings when I can't put my thoughts into words. I know it's all cyclical, I know that soon I'll be writing again, but it never stops me from freaking out in this moment, in my literary dry spells. I did scribble out a bit of writing in my statistics notebook the other day... maybe soon, those words will appear here. 
readingAfternoons & Coffeespoons and feeling inspired. writing... a thing that I miss. I haven't journaled in months.  listening to the tap, tap, …

the sunday currently, volume 114.

CURRENTLY... getting everything done. The last time I did a TSC post like this, was on this day. And, to add insult to injury, this post is going up late. I'm hoping that this next week is a little less stressful and chaotic, which will lead to a carefully and thoughtfully-penned 115th edition of The Sunday Currently. I am happy to see however, that many of you have linked your posts up with last week's edition. I will open up the ability to link up on this post, but feel free to add your links to either one.

Have a great week!

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the sunday currently, volume 113.

jack o'lanterns from a friday party
Another quick edition today. There is much to be done.

reading school-related materials.
writing lists in my planner.
listening to the television talk about sports.
thinking that Christmas Break will feel great this year.
smelling a large coffee from Buzz.
wishing there were more hours in the day.
hoping I can focus all day today.
wearing pajamas.
loving family and friends.
wanting to drink my coffee and read a book.
needing to go on a run in a couple hours.
feeling overwhelmed.
clicking Google Drive.

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