the sunday currently, volume 115.

Not a lot of photos have been snapped lately. Not a lot of words read or written. That doesn't mean, however, that there isn't heart behind these words. Though they are few, they are still written with love and intention. And with wishes for world peace. And for Christmas break to be upon us. And for more time with loved ones. And for more journaling and introspection and reading and writing and listening and thinking. Even though I know that these posts exist as a sort of timeline of my life, it still stings when I can't put my thoughts into words. I know it's all cyclical, I know that soon I'll be writing again, but it never stops me from freaking out in this moment, in my literary dry spells. I did scribble out a bit of writing in my statistics notebook the other day... maybe soon, those words will appear here. 

reading Afternoons & Coffeespoons and feeling inspired.
writing... a thing that I miss. I haven't journaled in months. 
listening to the tap, tap, tap of keyboards in the library. I'm writing this post on Saturday night.
thinking that I really need to get started on my work.
smelling Burberry Brit and peppermint iced coffee.
wishing for peace.
hoping for peace.
wearing a cozy shirt, a warm vest, and a scarf. November is here.
loving my family and friends.
wanting to be inspired, to write, to read, and to listen to music. And to work out consistently.
needing to focus as I round out this semester.
feeling overwhelmed with sadness for Paris. And hoping that one day, the world will see peace.

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