the sunday currently, volume 116.

cloudy thursday
fresh market hand cream
first 2015 peppermint mocha

Hello, good morning. I am coming to you from a windy-rainy Greenville today. I just ate a bowl of berry oatmeal, & I am sipping on a brown sugar latte from the local coffee shop. Justin & I are planning to clean today, in anticipation of our Thanksgiving guests, who are set to arrive on Tuesday. I will also be chipping away at some upcoming assignments, so that Thanksgiving break can be just that - a break. I am so excited that the holidays are upon us. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, & New Years truly combine to form my favorite time of year. 


reading nothing, & I am sad about it. I never finished Go Set A Watchman, & I don't think I'm going to. I'm going to bring Jessica's copy back to her tomorrow, in fact, because I have had it since the summer, & I don't want to hold onto it any longer. Someone else may want to borrow it from her! I am missing my passion for reading lately. I hope to rekindle it over Christmas break. Or, perhaps over Thanksgiving break? I am interested in starting a series that I can become enveloped within - any suggestions? 
writing in a journal again, & wondering why I ever stopped. Much like working out, it's one of those things that so very easy to fall out of the habit of doing. But when you start back up, it's like magic. I am hoping to get a Traveler's Notebook from Chic Sparrow for Christmas. I've been hemming and hawing over it long enough. That, plus the Moleskines I plan to fill it with, plus the thoughts & lists & writing that I plan to fill those with, makes me so excited.
listening to Justin choosing a movie for us to watch as we clean the house today. He mentioned Harry Potter a few minutes ago. How wonderful a Sunday would that make?
thinking that red nails are going to happen either later tonight or early tomorrow morning. Thanksgiving feels like dark red to me. I need to check out my stash & see what I have. I love painting my nails!
smelling a pumpkin candle burning. I need to get all the pumpkin in that I can this week, because it will officially be Christmas season on Friday, which means fir & balsam, apples & cinnamon, citrus & sage for candles. Christmas candles are my favorite candles, but I love the delicious scent of pumpkin as well.
wishing for productivity & staying on top of things Monday & Tuesday. I need to stay focused so that I can get ahead & get everything done. It can & will be done! 
hoping that my parents have so much fun visiting my sister in Nashville later this week. I think they're going to really love it. I'm excited to visit in April, but I hope I can make it over there before that. 
wearing Justin's pajama pants & Justin's pajama shirt. Sometimes it's just more fun to wear boy clothes. Especially when it's cold outside. Also wearing boots. It's rainy today, as I mentioned above. Perfect Thanksgiving weather. Well, at least the cold is. 
loving Courier today, can you tell? Also loving productivity & the holiday season & Christmas decorations & vitamins & new hand cream, & just, everything good.
wanting a glass of ice water. My new OT sweatshirt to arrive soon. My November Birchbox to ship (I just re-upped my subscription earlier this week). 
needing a day of extreme, enjoyable productivity. To up my water intake. A good workout this afternoon. Focus. Determination. Calm. 
feeling cozy & grateful. And excited for the holidays. And ready to start sharing more on my blog over Thanksgiving & Christmas breaks. [I've been writing blog posts in notebooks - they just need to  be typed out here.] Relieved that my second statistics test is over with. Nervous to see my grade on it. Excited to make an appointment. 
clicking Birchbox every day lately to see when they're going to ship my November box. I'm not even annoyed - just excited to start this subscription up again! 

What are you doing as we gear up for Thanksgiving week? Link up & share below. 


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