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the sunday currently, volume 71.

here's what i do while justin is getting a hair cut: take photos of myself
Good morning, folks! I'm coming to you from my couch, where I am sitting - ridiculous bed head & all - & sipping on today's steaming hot cup of caramel vanilla cream coffee. Before I came in here to the living room to write my post, I was hitting the snooze button like it was my job, for an entire hour past when I planned to wake up. Maybe that's irresponsible, but the truth is, I was having a dream about talking to my friends & acquaintances about food journaling. Thrilling stuff, right? Oh, & also in the dream, I had returned to gymnastics & was having to perform in front of all of my teammates. Needless to say, I wasn't doing very well, especially on bars. 
So, that's where I am this morning. Or rather, where I came from: a very weird dreamland. 
Once I manage to finish this post, as well as straighten my unruly hair, we will be hitting the road to Myrtle Beach. We…


today, looking forward to the vibrance & colors of spring.

i've been...

in a rut since we got back to wilmington.
i've been making to-do lists, then not doing them.
i've been pumping myself full of coffee.
i've been watching youtube videos.
i've been learning crochet.
i've been getting pretty excited about crochet.
i've been drinking a lot of water.
we've been watching game of thrones.
and also, say yes to the dress.
i've been writing in my journals & planners.
i've been wanting to blog about said journals & planners.
i've been running & working out & stretching.
i've been playing around with some routines.
i've been waiting by the mail box. 
i've been procrastinating. 
i've been waking up early THIS WEEK.
i've been sleeping until noon the other weeks. 

that's a small peek at what i've been doing lately.

songs from wilmington: playlist I.

exploring music city in december
As per my resolutions post, today I am sharing with you my very first playlist of two thousand fourteen. I hope these songs serve to brighten up your day & cause you to feel inspired. 
THUNDER CLATTER | wild cub A DUSTLAND FAIRYTALE | the killers RUBY BABY | dion HELP I'M ALIVE | metric THE POWER OF LOVE | huey lewis and the news NORTHERN LIGHTS | cider sky LINGER | the cranberries SPARKLERS | gemini club THE BIG THREE KILLED MY BABY | the white stripes CHANGING OF THE SEASONS | two door cinema club THIS IS YOUR LIFE | the killers NEW SOUL | yael naim OPEN YOUR HEART | madonna DON'T GO AWAY | oasis YOU GOTTA MOVE | heatmiser E-PRO | beck FLUME | bon iver TEAM | lorde
Care to share some inspiration for Playlist II? Share your current favorite song below. Also, want to listen to Playlist I? It can be found here.

the sunday currently, volume 70.

from last weekend. hello, friend in the back!
Best of mornings to ya, folks. As I sat down to tap out this week's currently post, I realized that I am lacking a bit of inspiration, lacking a bit of excitement to share with you all. But then, I realized almost as quickly that the premise behind The Sunday Currently is not to only share when you have something interesting or groundbreaking or wonderful to relate - it is about simply sharing what is currently going on in your life. So that's what I did today. And I didn't feel guilty about its lack of luster, once I realized that. Not every week of your life can be thrilling or inspiration-laden, or even productive, & that is ok. It's part of life. And it makes those inspiring weeks that much more wonderful, doesn't it?
C  U  R  R  E  N  T  L  Y  .  .  .
R E A D I N G food labels a bit more carefully this week. I started a food journal at the end of this past year, & I like to think it's helping me on the qu…

i've decided...

+ that not every single blog post requires a picture, & that sometimes, omitting a picture strengthens the lonely words' message.

+ that the whole "if you want something done, give it to a busy person" rings absolutely true with myself. full load of classes, plus outside commitments, plus life? i'm on top of my game. returning to wilmington after an action-packed shreveport visit, with no job or classes or anything to do but clean the house? i'm useless.

+ to just share. especially with my family & friends. just send the text, just pick up the phone & call. only good things can come of this.

+ to let my blog be a reflection of myself. not a means to make money or gain popularity or fame. that kind of blog just doesn't feel like me, doesn't feel natural. i just want to write & share & have a creative outlet.

+ that i really need to cut back on my social media consumption. i'm beginning to think its usage is nearly pointless in daily lif…

some links of note.

I try not to post these lists too often, but today, I had to share. I seem to be coming across a lot of interesting, inspiring blog posts recently, & I want to spread the love. So that's what I'm going to do.
I'm a sucker for stationery. So I think I'll be making this gold dot variety very soon.
I need all the help I can get, in a lot of areas. But especially with cleaning.
Stumbling across some Australian bloggers has awakened me to the fact that Christmas happens in the summer over there.
Can someone teach me how to make these kind of stitched hoop creations?
I'm a homebody, but this year, I also want to be a doer.
I like almost all of these old person things.
I love when bloggers switch gears into vlogging for a moment. And perhaps now I've been inspired to do my own vlog version of The Sunday Currently.
I've vowed to read twenty-four books this year. Maybe some of my selections will come from this list.
The gold version is my laptop background. The black ver…

around here lately: #benscoterlovestory.

to see more, check out #benscoterlovestory on instagram!

the comfort of airports.

As a bit of an anxious flyer, I find that when traveling, I notice things that bring about feelings of comfort more often. And, you know, I've found that airports are pretty much brimming with comforting sounds & images. 
For instance, when Justin & I got delayed in Atlanta on our way back from Shreveport, we ate at Cafe Intermezzo, at the bar. In fact, I was sitting right in front of the beer taps. I probably watched five or six frothy beers get poured, & something about that image caused my stress to recede. The bartender would fill the pilsner glass to the very top, & as he wooshed the beer off the stand, headed for its destination, a little bit would slosh out onto the floor. I don't know exactly why that image has stuck so keenly with me, but it provided a comfort, perhaps the way sitting at your local bar can feel like sitting at home.
Also, earlier that day, as we had just landed in Atlanta, our plane was taxiing to the gate, & I peered out the wind…

the sunday currently, volume 69.

glasses on a bookshelf - from our trip to nashville in early december
C  U  R  R  E  N  T  L  Y  .  .  .
R E A D I N GHarry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone. I'm pretty sure I'm going to finish it this week, & then I will work on finishing Harry Potter & History. I'm trying to read two books per month this year.  W R I T I N G in each component of my Organizational Suite, which I plan to share more about this week. L I S T E N I N G to hum & whir of the ceiling fan. We've had quite the lazy morning, & I am typing this as I sit against a pile of pillows in bed.  T H I N K I N G that I'm ready to get on the ball this week! Due to the go-go-go nature of our 17-day trip home to Shreveport, I gave myself this past week off to relax & gear up for a productive rest-of-January. Well, as it turns out, a little too much of a good thing turns it into a bad thing. I feel like the laziest person on Earth. To top it all off, I also have been eating whatever I…