the comfort of airports.

As a bit of an anxious flyer, I find that when traveling, I notice things that bring about feelings of comfort more often. And, you know, I've found that airports are pretty much brimming with comforting sounds & images. 

For instance, when Justin & I got delayed in Atlanta on our way back from Shreveport, we ate at Cafe Intermezzo, at the bar. In fact, I was sitting right in front of the beer taps. I probably watched five or six frothy beers get poured, & something about that image caused my stress to recede. The bartender would fill the pilsner glass to the very top, & as he wooshed the beer off the stand, headed for its destination, a little bit would slosh out onto the floor. I don't know exactly why that image has stuck so keenly with me, but it provided a comfort, perhaps the way sitting at your local bar can feel like sitting at home.

Also, earlier that day, as we had just landed in Atlanta, our plane was taxiing to the gate, & I peered out the window & caught sight of people inside the airport, sitting at tables, enjoying their various meals. Some sat alone, some crowded around tables, some ate, & some simply enjoyed the newspaper. I don't know exactly why that image comforted me so much, but it did. Perhaps it offered up the notion that, when at the airport, we are all united in one common goal: travel. And I guess there's comfort in being part of a common idea or task, even on such a basic level.

Maybe these are a strange pair of images to have calmed me, but they did, & honestly, I think that makes them quite worth mentioning.

What comforts you when you travel? I'd love to know, as I need all the help I can get.


siddathornton said…
I'm a people-watcher... I find it very calming to watch various people when at the airports. I tend to avoid watching the people who are rushing about or have large parties with them; these things tend to make me jumpy. But I love to watch the single people and think about where they are going and what their story is. It's something I start to do almost without thinking.
siddathornton said…
I totally get it! I'm also one of the few who likes airports and the actual travel part of traveling! The people-watching and the time read and write is wonderful.
siddathornton said…
A book is all I need if I'm anxious about traveling. In particular I like flights at night with a mystery.

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