i've decided...

+ that not every single blog post requires a picture, & that sometimes, omitting a picture strengthens the lonely words' message.

+ that the whole "if you want something done, give it to a busy person" rings absolutely true with myself. full load of classes, plus outside commitments, plus life? i'm on top of my game. returning to wilmington after an action-packed shreveport visit, with no job or classes or anything to do but clean the house? i'm useless.

+ to just share. especially with my family & friends. just send the text, just pick up the phone & call. only good things can come of this.

+ to let my blog be a reflection of myself. not a means to make money or gain popularity or fame. that kind of blog just doesn't feel like me, doesn't feel natural. i just want to write & share & have a creative outlet.

+ that i really need to cut back on my social media consumption. i'm beginning to think its usage is nearly pointless in daily life, but still i find myself drawn to scroll instagram, drawn to scroll twitter, drawn to scroll facebook. perhaps i love instagram, because i love taking, sharing, & looking at photos. perhaps i love twitter because, at my core, i really do love people & like reading what they like sharing. perhaps i love facebook because i'm nosy. do you see where the conflict herein lies? 

What have you decided?


siddathornton said…
Totally agree with your second and third, and the others too:) I never get anything done when my life isn't busy! It's kinda strange how that happens! I feel the same way about my blog I would rather it be a creative reflection of myself! I get so annoyed with all the giveaways just so they can get more followers! Keep being true to yourself girl!
siddathornton said…
I feel the same way about pictures and blog posts, although I like to include them a lot because pictures are pretty. :) And social media... it's so time consuming and what's the point? Except that I really love Instagram too.
siddathornton said…
I 100% agree that omitting a picture can strengthen the message behind the words!!
siddathornton said…
Totally feeling you on the fourth one. We all started out just blogging. Suddenly we have to have more followers and sell sponsorships and make money...and then we go a little bit crazy. Forget that part and just be. :)

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