it's a brand new year.

Yesterday evening, I woke up from a midday nap feeling really inspired.

That doesn't often happen. Usually, midday naps yield a sort of panicked urgency when I wake up. Things like, What am I supposed to be doing? or What did I miss? or What TIME IS IT? often flash through my head when I finally do open my eyes back up. But yesterday evening, thankfully - oh, so thankfully - I didn't feel that pit-in-my-stomach feeling coming through as much.

When I woke up yesterday evening, though , I did feel that weird, nagging feeling I sometimes feel after a big event, though. I felt nostalgia - already, one day later - for the New Years Eve we had only just spent in Dallas. Surrounded by friends, dancing, singing... & all in one of my very favorite cities. I missed it all so very much, & the fact that it wasn't even twenty-four hours out of the picture just seemed to make the memory more tantalizing. It was still so close, yet horribly far at the same time.

But, like I said, I did wake up feeling inspired. A few weeks ago, I tweeted about how I had tapped out a resolutions list for 2014 while elliptical-ing in the hotel gym on our last night in Nashville. And really, I had planned on that being the only mention of the collection of goals I've assembled for this entire year that lays out before us. But something in the way I felt when I woke up from that nap told me otherwise. Something in the way I felt told me, share.

So, one day, probably next week when we're settling back into our Wilmington routine, I will share. Because sharing is caring. And, after all, it's a brand new year, filled with opportunities to turn over brand new leaves. And I don't know about you, but I plan to do a lot of that very thing this year.


siddathornton said…
Yes do share! I love reading about other peoples goals and getting inspiration! Happy new year!
siddathornton said…
"Because sharing is caring." I don't know why this made me smile because I say it all the time... I must be exhausted! But anyway I can't wait for you to share!! And midday naps always mess me all up, so I'm glad you woke up inspired :)
siddathornton said…
I'm looking forward to reading your goals for 2014! I like to see what people hope to do at the start of a new year. I plan to turn over a lot of brand new leaves this year too.

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