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the sunday currently, volume 104.

scenes from a morning walk
I can't believe it's only been a week since last week's edition of The Sunday Currently - it feels like so much has happened! Between starting fall semester, hanging out with friends, and going to events, I feel like it has been about a month since my last post. But, I'm happy, because it also means I'm being more productive, which I love. Here's to even more productivity to come!
On this back-in-the-swing-of-things Sunday,  I am currently...
reading two books: Go Set A Watchman, by Harper Lee, and Triathlon 101: Essentials for Multisport Success, by John Mora. First off, I have GOT to finish GSAW, which means that a reading schedule needs to be constructed today. Jessica is probably wondering when she is going to get her book back! Secondly, I'm reading the triathlon book because I plan to compete in my first triathlon next year! My dad sent the book over to me this past week, and I'm enjoying learning more about it. writing a …

the sunday currently, volume 103.

the joy of birthday dinner
Oh, my lofty goals. I'll put up my TSC posts at 10 a.m. from now on, she said. It'll work, she said. I'm going to be on top of it, she said.
Let's be real. And let's keep the publishing time to noon on Sundays, ok?
Now that we have that business out of the way, I can tell you that, as of yesterday, I am officially 29 years old. I had a birthday weekend in Raleigh, and it was wonderful. We had dinner last night at Second Empire Restaurant and Tavern, and it was absolutely delicious. Here's to 29!
On this it's-wonderful-to-be-settling-back-in-at-home Sunday, I am currently...
reading some items for school today. I have a quiz tomorrow, on the first day of fall semester! Also, still reading Go Set A Watchman. I didn't read a lick while in Shreveport, nor on my travels back east. I am going to craft a reading schedule today so that I can finish it by next weekend. writing a long to-do list for today. Things need to happen. Thing…

inspiration: found. searching for discipline.

serendipitous photographs
My mom and I ran into a friend while out shopping today. 
We talked about so many things, and it felt so great to reconnect, but it struck me [as it always does when this topic comes up in real life conversations] when we talked about blogging.
She shared that she herself was interested in getting into blogging.
"My blog has been paid for for a few months now," she said. "But it's blank - there's no content."
I want her to start blogging. She's witty, she's funny - she has the BEST kind of dry humor. 
And it made me think. Maybe if I want her to blog so badly, I also want me to blog just as much. And I do. I want to be here. I miss sharing. I miss connecting. 
With the rebirth of The Sunday Currently, I've felt so much joy. That means something, doesn't it? Yes, it does.
Long live blogging. Long live the written word. Long live siddathornton.

the sunday currently, volume 102 | "the monday currently."

when in wyoming
[*Editor's Note: This is the very first edition of The Sunday Currently that is being published on Monday. What can I say? Life happens. See the bottom of this post for additional information on all future editions of TSC.]
Greetings from Shreveport! I know in last week's post, I said I would be coming to you from Wyoming, but we were having such a great time, I refrained from blogging. I did, however, write a few recaps in my journal while we were there, so I will be combing through those later this week to decide what to share here. For now, though, I will say this: Wyoming is absolutely beautiful, and I look forward to going back one day.
I arrived in Shreveport late Friday night, and I've stayed busy since then, with a trip over to Natchitoches on Saturday, as well as a visit to the Gem and Mineral Show yesterday. It feels great to be here, and I'm greatly looking forward to all the adventures that lie ahead for the rest of my stay.
On this Monday ed…

the sunday currently, volume 101 | back in business!

dinner last night at Mai Thai II
It is with absolute elation that I sit here typing these words to let you know that The Sunday Currently is back in business here on siddathornton. But, what about this, you may be asking. And this? Well, let me tell you a little story...
One afternoon - Wednesday afternoon, to be exact - I was reading through some of siddathornton's archives, getting all misty-eyed and nostalgic, when I had a thought. And then, as I walked TBear along our neighborhood road, I had more thoughts. I've been putting off starting up my new blog for reasons undetermined, and I just started feeling that pull back to this space. And, even though I'll be busy once school starts back up again at the end of August, surely I would have time for The Sunday Currently each Sunday? 
I am so grateful that, while I was away, Kristin kept the Sunday tradition going, and then graciously passed the torch back to me recently. It makes me so happy that others are excited about c…

a mid-summer currently.

summer semester is over - let freedom ring
Today I am experiencing a huge pull to write again (and the logistics of my new blog have yet to be sorted out), and I thought I would scrawl out a quick little currently post. As some of you may know, I used to host a link-up called The Sunday Currently, where I shared what was going on in my life each week. Rather than try to write a from-scratch post today, I thought I would revert back to this old familiar favorite of mine. 
So, on this mid-summer day, I am currently...
READING nothing at this exact moment. If you would have asked me a couple of days ago, I would have told you all about the study guides I was reading in preparation for my final exams, but as it happens, those are now complete, and I am in this weird limbo land where I have nothing to do. I plan to start reading Go Set A Watchman, by Harper Lee, which my classmate Jessica has loaned out to me. I greatly enjoyed To Kill A Mockingbird, so I am looking forward to this new samp…