the sunday currently, volume 104.

scenes from a morning walk

I can't believe it's only been a week since last week's edition of The Sunday Currently - it feels like so much has happened! Between starting fall semester, hanging out with friends, and going to events, I feel like it has been about a month since my last post. But, I'm happy, because it also means I'm being more productive, which I love. Here's to even more productivity to come!

On this back-in-the-swing-of-things Sunday,  I am currently...

reading two books: Go Set A Watchman, by Harper Lee, and Triathlon 101: Essentials for Multisport Success, by John Mora. First off, I have GOT to finish GSAW, which means that a reading schedule needs to be constructed today. Jessica is probably wondering when she is going to get her book back! Secondly, I'm reading the triathlon book because I plan to compete in my first triathlon next year! My dad sent the book over to me this past week, and I'm enjoying learning more about it.
writing a long to-do list for today. school work, housework, workouts, etc. All good things, but things that need to be done. I'm hoping I can do it all today! Also, writing schedules for the week ahead, so that I can stay ahead!
listening to the old CDs that my parents sent over to me. My high school and college self had good taste in music, if I do say so myself. I am thinking of buying a new album soon, but I'm still deciding what that will be, as I'm sure in the future it will be what defines Fall 2015 for me. What albums would you suggest? Black Keys? Cults? Of Monsters and Men? Matt and Kim? Glass Animals' album, Zaba, is already one that defines Spring 2015 for me, so that amazing album has already been experienced. Please share you music suggestions in the comments!
thinking that Vanilla Cardamom coffee from The Fresh Market is one of the best things. What a perfect flavor coffee to bridge the gap between summer and fall.
smelling like... BROWN SUGAR AND FIG! Remember when I complained about Bath & Body Works in my last post [see: smelling]? And remember how I discovered my favorite scent was available online? Well, I ordered it. And I couldn't be more happy. I am concerned, however, that it is only available online, and that it was so steeply discounted. Does this mean it's going away forever? Who knows.
wishing for a week of low stress and high productivity. This is where the lists mentioned in this week's writing come in.
hoping we have a fun trip to the grocery store. Sundays are grocery shopping days in the Christy Household, and with the birth of our new let's-eat-more-meals-at-home policy, the weekly grocery trips suddenly have more [exciting!] meaning.
wearing workout clothes. Both Justin and I got up early this morning and took TBear on a long walk. I think all parties benefitted, and now we have a puppy sleeping under the table at which we are sitting and enjoying coffee. In short: what a great morning it's been.
loving that this one-hundred-fourth edition of The Sunday Currently is one of those ones where I write a whole lot. Those TSCs are always the more satisfying ones, especially when I go back and read it many months later. It's like a snapshot of my life at that very moment. Therein lies the beauty of these posts for me, and the entire reason I have brought them back to this blog.
wanting to get a tab back at the top of this blog for The Sunday Currently. Back in August 2014, when I wrote the Centennial TSC post, I took the tab off of my blog, since I would no longer be the flagship for these posts. Now that I am hosting again, I need some representation in this space. [And thus opens the can of worms that lies in taking this space to the "next level" - do I switch platforms? Do I redesign? Do I hire a professional designer to "brand" me? I don't know. Sometimes I feel like DIY'ed blogs have a more authentic feel. I want this space to remain authentic and homey and relatable. Any and all feedback on this matter is appreciated.]
needing feedback. And lots of it. See this week's wanting.
feeling content. Drinking coffee, writing this week's TSC post, petting Tahoe every once in a while, talking to Justin, gearing up to go to the grocery store, mentally creating a to-do list for school, etc. Contentment is such an interestingly simple feeling.
clicking Coffitivity. Danielle sent it over to me and told me about an article about how the sounds experienced in environments like coffee shops/cafes promote creative thinking. Love this concept, love this website. Also, hoping to soon be clicking the blogs of certain people in my life. They have expressed that they want to begin blogging, and I'm ready for that to happen!

Well, that's all for this week, folks. I hope you are all having a great, relaxing, productive weekend!

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