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dinner last night at Mai Thai II

It is with absolute elation that I sit here typing these words to let you know that The Sunday Currently is back in business here on siddathornton. But, what about this, you may be asking. And this? Well, let me tell you a little story...

One afternoon - Wednesday afternoon, to be exact - I was reading through some of siddathornton's archives, getting all misty-eyed and nostalgic, when I had a thought. And then, as I walked TBear along our neighborhood road, I had more thoughts. I've been putting off starting up my new blog for reasons undetermined, and I just started feeling that pull back to this space. And, even though I'll be busy once school starts back up again at the end of August, surely I would have time for The Sunday Currently each Sunday? 

I am so grateful that, while I was away, Kristin kept the Sunday tradition going, and then graciously passed the torch back to me recently. It makes me so happy that others are excited about cataloguing moments that otherwise may go un-remembered. Because, really, that's what The Sunday Currently is all about, and the thing that I was missing so much in my life for these last few months.

Next week, I will have some announcements that involve a few minor changes to The Sunday Currently, but for now, I just want to revel in all the glory of doing these posts again.

So, on this travel Sunday, I am currently...

reading Go Set a Watchman, by Harper Lee. Many thanks to my friend, Jessica, for letting me borrow it.
writing in my Moleskine journal while traveling, as well. I am hoping to join the ranks of those with Travelers Notebooks soon, so I wanted to get the feel of Moleskines. I do not plan to buy an official Travelers Notebook, but rather one that fits Moleskine, Field Notes, and other various inserts.
listening to the incessant whoosh of our hotel room air conditioner. Justin is still sleeping. As I tap out this post, it is 6:51 a.m. in Charlotte. We don't fly out to Jackson until later today, but for whatever reason, I was up with the sun. I'm not complaining!
thinking that yesterday's shopping trip at Concord Mills was certainly a joy! I've always enjoyed the shopping trips with my family at its Texas counterpart, Grapevine Mills, and this trip definitely followed suit. I picked up some comfy cozy jeans and a "Wyoming-esque" scarf at Forever21, as well as a couple of "leggings tanks" from Gap. We also had some pretzel nuggets at Auntie Anne's, so really, what could have gone better?
smelling nothing at all recently. I've basically been sick since summer semester let out a little over a week ago. I don't understand why I get sick after every semester... but maybe it's stress-induced?
wishing we were already in Wyoming! I cannot wait to get to our home for the week and relax. Plus, as I tend to be a bit of an anxious traveler, the time spent waiting for our flight time to arrive always makes me nervous and unsettled. I am so excited to visit a state that I've never been to before, though, and it's very exciting to me that that is happening today.
hoping we have smooth, safe travels today. I'm looking forward to my cozy travel outfit, as well as a soothing, relaxing playlist.
wearing my standard hotel room pajamas: long sleeved t-shirt, long pajama pants, and fuzzy socks.
loving that we are officially on vacation, as of yesterday! I know that Justin is happy to have some relaxation time, and I am too!
wanting some hot coffee or tea. I think we are going to go get in a quick workout downstairs soon, then we will probably grab some breakfast.
needing to remember to relax this week. All last week, I was running around like a crazy person, trying to get our house in order, trying to do this, trying to do that. I need to remember what vacation is all about this week and really unwind so that I can come back to Fall Semester full-force.
feeling a little bit better this morning. I have had a cough and some congestion for about a week now, but luckily yesterday I picked up some medication and I'm already feeling on the mend. I need to make sure to stay hydrated today, though. I haven't been doing as well with that lately, and it always makes me feel better.
clicking nothing at the moment... any blog suggestions? Send 'em my way!

What are you up to today? Link up and share below!

Hope you all have a happy Sunday! Next time we chat, I'll be coming to you from beautiful Wyoming.


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