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the centennial sunday currently.

glen iris flowers

Hello & welcome to the one hundredth edition of The Sunday Currently! It's hard for me to believe that I've sat down & tapped out one hundred different Sunday posts. In fact, to someone whose concept of numbers is a little... skewed... it seems like a much bigger number than it really is. 

I grappled with whether or not I was going to continue weekly editions of The Sunday Currently after this 100-post mark, & after careful thought & consideration, it is with slight sadness, but persistent confidence that I announce that this will be the last in the series. I thought it would be a nice way to wrap up this fun little series, to have a complete set of 100 to look back on. I'm not saying I'll never do a currently post again, nor am I implying that I'll never do another edition of specifically The Sunday Currently. I'm simply relinquishing the responsibility to write & post one each week, on Sunday, at noon eastern, on the dot. In fact, as you may have noticed, this post is not going up at noon eastern. Which brings me to my next point...

Lately, I've felt drawn to getting out & really just living my life, without the bonds of social media & constantly capturing every moment & making sure to do blog-worthy things weighing on my mind. It's felt liberating. I know what that means for my blog, really, but I am optimistic that this space will continue to be updated, maybe with a different kind of content, maybe not regularly, & maybe not forever, but for the time being. You know how people usually say they just know when a blog's time has kind of run out? Well, I won't lie to you & say I haven't felt those feelings about this space, because I have. BUT, I am not yet ready to let it go just yet. I don't know what the future holds for siddathornton, but I know that I'm probably one of those people who will always have a blog. 

I'll share more with you all as these thoughts develop & change. But for now, that's where I am. 

Seriousness aside, I'm happy to say that I've been in Shreveport since Wednesday! Completely surprising my parents was a success, & I think that we have all enjoyed our time here together. I am sad to be leaving soon, but I am also ready to get back home to Justin & Tahoe & get school started!

C U R R E N T L Y . . .

R E A D I N G  will resume in full force tomorrow. I haven't been good about keeping up with my reading on this trip, since I've been so busy running around! I've missed my daily Bible readings, & I'm excited to get back into them.
W R I T I N G  has also fallen off a bit.  
L I S T E N I N G  to the Mates of State Pandora station - it's been my Shreveport thing for the past few visits.  
T H I N K I N G  that trips home are a treasure.
S M E L L I N G  the French Lavender & Honey that I sprayed - liberally - on myself while we shopped around in Bath & Body Works just a little while ago.
W I S H I N G  I could have done even more than I did during my Shreveport trip. I'm so glad I finally got to meet Baby Austen, but there is so much more that I always want to do. It's hard to get everything squeezed into one trip! 
W E A R I N G  J. Crew plaid & dark nail polish.
L O V I N G  my family & friends who took time out of their schedules to visit with me while I've been in town - it means the world to me! 
W A N T I N G  Southern Maid donuts later. I'm excited!
N E E D I N G  to wash my hair. And pack my suitcase.
F E E L I N G  bittersweet. The Sunday Currently has been such a labor of love for me. I know I'll miss it, but I also know this is the right choice.

this week's posts:

Well, folks, it's been a good run for The Sunday Currently. Thank you to everyone who has linked up & commented & Tweeted & Instagrammed about this link-up. It wouldn't have been what it was without all of you. Thank you for helping me to celebrate the every-day & in commemorating the simple moments. Most of all, just thank you.

What are you doing? Link up & share below.


siddathornton said…
I am sad to see TSC go as it was one of my favorite link ups of the week! It's been great reading and following along with this link up. Good luck on your journeys and I am looking forward to reading all about them! :)

siddathornton said…
I completely understand. Sometimes I want to ditch my blog but the majority of the time, I love it and wouldn't trade it for anything. It's sad to see this link up go, but I know I'll enjoy tagging along for whatever you may choose to share here as the future goes on! There's so much happening and changing in your life right now; it makes sense for the blog to be relegated to the back burner.
siddathornton said…
I have to admit that I am very sad to hear that you won't be continuing this series on a regular basis, but I completely understand and respect where you're coming from. Living life as its happening, away from a computer screen, is most important, and you should be free to do just that. Thank you for offering this space, Lauren! It has been such a delight to do these posts.
siddathornton said…
TSC is one of my favorite link-ups, but completely understand. It's always best to let something go before it turns something you love into a burden. Go enjoy your adventures, and if they give you stories to bring back here, I look forward to reading them!
siddathornton said…
I am so sad! I do understand though. I hope that you will continue to write in this space - I so look forward to reading what you have to say. This was my first link-up to join, and meeting bloggers through it has been such a joy! Thank you for hosting for so long!
siddathornton said…
It's sad to see The Sunday Currently go, although I totally understand. I hope you continue to update your blog, as I love reading what you write, but I'm glad to hear you're enjoying living life without worrying about what to post here. That's always most important. :)
siddathornton said…
Thanks for introducing The Sunday Currently into my blogging life and I am sure I will continue as I love the wrapping up feeling it gives to the end of the week 100 is a great number to go out on!
siddathornton said…
Bailie, thank you so much for being a faithful linker! I'm glad that you have enjoyed wrapping up your weeks with The Sunday Currently! <3
siddathornton said…
Thank you so much for your supportive words! Right now I'm in this weird place where I miss blogging, but I find myself overwhelmed with what to write about. A lot is going on in my life, which is a good thing, but I think I'm having trouble organizing all the thoughts that are bouncing around in my head.
siddathornton said…
Yes, please continue! These have always been one of my favorite types of posts to write. And plus, they are so fun to look back on months later, to see the little things you were up to. I've gotten to know a lot of great people through this link up, so that is definitely one of the things I'll miss most, too.
siddathornton said…
Thank you! :) I'm so glad that you were a faithful linker, even if it wasn't every single Sunday!
siddathornton said…
Hahaha, you're right! I definitely packed first!
siddathornton said…
Thank you so much, Emily! You have always been so supportive of my writing here, & that means the world to me. I'll definitely keep writing! Right now is just so overwhelming with the move, and starting school, and the travel I just got back from, etc. I'm having trouble focusing! Thank you so much for being a faithful linker - I've enjoyed your posts & getting to know you through them! :)
siddathornton said…
Thank you so much for your supportive words! I think once I spend a little time pouring all of my attention into living life, I'll be re-inspired to come back to this space & share in the way that makes me feel fulfilled. Thank you also for being a faithful linker - I've always loved reading your posts!
siddathornton said…
And I have been delighted to read yours, Sarah, as always! I love sharing perspectives on living our lives, as well as the passing of time, with you! You always seem to get exactly where I'm coming from in those regards. I will miss reading your TSC posts, & I thank you so much for being a faithful linker!
siddathornton said…
I love my blog most of the time, too, but I definitely have a seesaw relationship with it. I go from obsessively writing and posting, to huge chunks of time passing where I don't write anything. One day I"ll find a balance, but I guess that day just isn't today ;) Thank you very much for your kind & supportive words! I appreciate them more than you know.
siddathornton said…
Thank you so much for your sweet words, Sarah!
siddathornton said…
Thanks so much! I love the Sunday Currently - I hope it's all right that I want to carry on posting mine. It's such a great weekly wrap-up.
siddathornton said…
Yes, please do continue! :)

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