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the sunday currently, volume 41.

on my wish list: a Don Draper fan for my desk
I've been a girl of few words this week, & it has felt good. To my blogging credit, I have been working on the Pinterest boards which are inspiring my Wardrobe Reconstruction Series, so be on the lookout for those posts in the next couple of weeks. I'm excited about the process of cleaning out my closet & filling it with wonderful, magnificent things.
It has also been raining cats & dogs around here, EVERY DAY. Each day starts off sunny & clear - albeit humid as all get out - then, around four p.m., the clouds begin to roll in, & by nine p.m., the thunder & lightning begins & it continues through the night. 
C  U  R  R  E  N  T  L  Y  .  .  .
R E A D I N GBridget Jones's Diary... & with not nearly as much enthusiasm as I had anticipated. I wish I had the Sedaris & Hosseini selections in my house, staring me in the face, so that I would have inspiration to power through, but all of the copies a…

rain on monday.

Yesterday evening, as I rushed to complete the study guide for a test that is happening in a few hours, I started feeling an almost intolerable amount of this emotion - that nasty sort of nostalgia that makes you question what you're doing, where you're going, & why you're participating in it all. 
Just like last time, it took me a while to realize what I was feeling. That it was nostalgia, not anxiety. Is it weird that sometimes my brain gets the two confused? Maybe not... maybe they're more related than we think.
All of that to say, as the rain falls on the day that is Ugly Monday, I am longing pretty hard for the weekend. It was a weekend filled with perusing memory-filled antique shops on Castle Street. A weekend of sitting on the dock of the Cape Fear River, indulging in bread baskets & red chowder. It was just one of those weekends. 
How do you deal when you're blindsided with the sting of nostalgia? Do you recognize the feeling right away? Or perhap…

the sunday currently, volume 40.

I'm glad my blog has gone all gray & black & white... when color photos are added, they pop like nothing else. 
This weekend has - just like last weekend - been one of relaxation & sleeping probably just a little bit too late. Yesterday, we went for coffee, picked up some framing we had done at Michael's, went antiquing on Castle Street, then had lunch at Elijah's. After that, it was all Mad Men & corn dogs & doughnuts (yes, I just admitted to a pretty bad eating day). On the agenda for today? I have a big hope that Dixie Grill is in our future. We'll have to see how crowded it is, because last weekend we had to say no to that hour-long wait. Perhaps some of this rain has deterred those less committed this morning...
C  U  R  R  E  N  T  L  Y  .  .  .
R E A D I N GBridget Jones's Diary. The first time I saw this movie - I believe - was Christmas 2011. It arrived in the mail via Netflix & my sister & I plopped down in front of the TV in th…

beach reading.

After Allyssa posted her Summer Reading List, I knew I had to create one of my own. Above are my picks for throwing into your beach bag, picnic basket, or to arrange on your coffee table. Oh, &, you know, to read. 
one:J.K. Rowling, I love you. Still missing reading this book. It was that good. two:Loved it, but not as much as The Kite Runner. An emotionally draining, poignant read. three:Of course I'll have to round out the trio of Hosseini novels. I love his writing style.  four:I read this book in a weekend. I still can't stop thinking about it. Loved its witty quirks.  five:Looking forward to finally devouring this modern classic. six:This will be my first Sedaris sampling. Pretty excited about it.  seven:Just want to finish this. Been reading it for what feels like forever.
And from the blogosphere...
- Joelle has always inspired me with her bow-festooned up-dos, so of course I am loving her Sunday Bun Day posts. I mean, seriously, how cute? I've always been a fan of buns,…

first playlist of the summer.

I LOVE YOU | said the whale LITTLE TALKS | of monsters & men RISE TO THE SUN | alabama shakes CRUEL | st. vincent PRAISE YOU | fatboy slim  EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD | tears for fears 22 | taylor swift MAKE IT TO ME | manchester orchestra ft. grouplove THAT'S WHAT'S UP | edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros LET'S GO | matt & kim OUT OF MY LEAGUE | fitz & the tantrums ROYALS | lorde BREEZEBLOCKS | alt-j SAN FRANCISCO | the mowgli's ON TOP OF THE WORLD | imagine dragons STARLIGHT | muse PURPLE YELLOW RED AND BLUE | portugal. the man DIPLOMAT'S SON | vampire weekend

the sunday currently, volume 39.

Happy Father's Day, to a dad who would do anything for his family. A dad who is always working on a project on the weekend. A dad who grills a mean steak. A dad I know I can always pick up the phone & call. I love you, Dad.

readingWhere'd You Go, Bernadette, & absolutely loving it. I finished A Thousand Splendid Suns on Thursday - it was moving, & upsetting, & haunting. It really made me think. No book has ever made me more thankful to be an American. writing applications that I hope will prove fruitful. Also, book proposals. Yep, you heard that right. And I'm excited. Also, a new blogging project, which I'll share in a couple of weeks. listening to summermood2013, which, I think, is a compendium of the very best summer songs that two thousand thirteen has to offer. What are you listening to this summer? I have a big love for summery music. I will be sharing SM2013 tomorrow here on siddathornton! thinking a light-hearted read was a good idea after Splendid …


It's been the kind of week where I wake up & sleep-walk to the coffee pot. Yes, believe it or not, not every single week is like that for me. Weeks like this leave me wishing for long, lingering weekends in which I can wear outfits like those below, flitting around to antique shops & beaches & swimming pools, just being lovely. And while this week's Friday's Fancies theme revolves around wedding guest wear, I thought I'd share a lazy little summer outfit.
summer scarf | flip flops | shorts | top

The top is a pretty great value - thinking of ordering one in every color.
beach reading: - Sometimes I need to read quotes like this one that Betsy meditated on, on Sunday. - My style muse & namesake, Lauren, reminds us not to get caught up in the numbers. - Julia's pattern mixing party has taken my summer wardrobe inspiration to new heights. - Jessica lets us in on a few beauty bargains
this week's posts: weekender the sunday currently recognizing nostalgia

around here lately.

I know I just shared an Around Here Lately post with you this past Wednesday, but I've amped up my picture-taking since being back here in Wilmington, & there are some Instagram shots I'm itching to share...
weekends at the beach | mrs. t's signature wedding candle | bright manicures
trekkin' it  to school daily | outdoor rainy brunch at the george | finding vintage lace china while antiquing
downtown murals | the simple joy of a morning ritual | late lunch at riverboat landing on the private balcony
bow ties | feeling thankful on memorial day | little lamps at the antique store
I like to think that we've kicked off the Summer Season here in Wilmington pretty perfectly. It's hard not to be completely overjoyed when your weekends are filled with beach time, brunch, & antiquing in a picturesque little downtown. Fill in the weekday spaces with school & limitless cups of coffee, & I guess you could say I'm one lucky girl. And, well, my husband is p…

recognizing nostalgia.

Yesterday, as I walked from class to my car, a strange kind of sadness gripped me in a way that hasn't happened in a long time. I wasn't sure what to make of it, & it made me feel pretty horrible, truth be told. As I trudged down the street, partly composed of cool concrete, partly composed of sun-warmed bricks, I kept my head down. The sadness was pulling me deeper & deeper, & I only wished for an explanation. 
I was thinking weird thoughts, abstract, yet vivid. I felt a sense of possession over the place we live, the time we spend, the activities that fill our days. Outsiders felt like threats - I didn't want them to tarnish our experience, to call our home anything other than that. 
As I approached the parking garage, I just wanted clarity: why was I feeling these feelings? At that moment, I glanced up at the sky, saw the frothy clouds moving this way & that, & realized it: life is a miracle. And the feeling I was feeling? Nostalgia. Nostalgia for a…

the sunday currently, volume 38.

The above photo couldn't be more indicative of my life lately. Being in a summer session class means there's no down time. We're cramming a whole lot of stuff into very little time. But, I like the pace. I like that we're getting it done quickly. And I'm already excited for my second session classes. 
Ok, enough about school...
readingA Thousand Splendid Suns, by Khaled Hosseini. I ripped through The Kite Runner, so I'm excited about reading his second novel, to be followed up by his third & most recent one. writing the rest of my sociology study guide this afternoon. listening to Justin watching a clip of America's Got Talent. thinking that I finally got a good night of sleep last night. I woke up & actually feel rested. This is a relief after a few weeks of tossing & turning. smelling the coconut conditioner I used on my hair last night. It's new, & it's good. wishing I had woken up at 5:30 a.m. I have a lot to do today. hoping we get a lo…


Happy Weekend! Justin & I don't have any big plans for the next couple of days, other than soaking up some sun on one of the local beaches. Not long ago, we made a promise to ourselves that we would take complete advantage of our proximity to the ocean every weekend of this summer. And that is exactly what we intend to do this weekend. For that reason, I was thrilled that this week's Friday's Fancies theme revolves around sunglasses. Can you tell I've got Mad Men on the brain? Those shades are screaming 1960s.

headband | swimsuit | sunglasses | sandals | coverup
p.s. don't forget sunscreen!
beach reading: - Allyssa's Branding Your Blog series has me inspired to polish my layout.
- Bethany is home & happy & shared a bit about the hardships she's faced. And it's inspiring.
- This isn't reading, but I have a new favorite beauty guru. Here she is.
this week's posts: beach reading thoughts on blog every day in may the sunday currently on being a stu…

favorites as of late.

I used to indulge myself by creating a love list for each month of the year, but, truth be told, at times I felt it was a bit of a stretch. I was finding it harder & harder to produce an authentic list of ten things I was absolutely adoring for each month. So, when January Favorites time rolled around this year, I made the executive decision to hold off, vowing to compile a list as favorites showed themselves, publishing the list when & only when a collection of the ten most glorious things ever filled its spaces. Thus, I give you... favorites as of late.

twinkle lights on frenchmen street in new orleans
1. Pitch Perfect. Justin & I crave watching this movie all the time. And we sing the songs constantly, because they're in our heads constantly. And I haven't met one person yet who doesn't like it. 
2. Urban Decay Suspect eye shadow all over lid & smoked out. This is the easiest smoky eye on the planet. Suspect can be found in the Naked2 palette, or may be pur…

shreveport snapshot: around here lately.

some recollections from my time in shreveport: long runs, my dad's birthday, mother's day, my parents' thirty-second wedding anniversary, mrs. t's bachelorette party & wedding, kelsey's graduation, & technicolor flowers dotting the ontario house's neighborhood. it was a good visit.