around here lately.

I know I just shared an Around Here Lately post with you this past Wednesday, but I've amped up my picture-taking since being back here in Wilmington, & there are some Instagram shots I'm itching to share...

weekends at the beach | mrs. t's signature wedding candle | bright manicures

trekkin' it  to school daily | outdoor rainy brunch at the george | finding vintage lace china while antiquing

downtown murals | the simple joy of a morning ritual | late lunch at riverboat landing on the private balcony

bow ties | feeling thankful on memorial day | little lamps at the antique store

I like to think that we've kicked off the Summer Season here in Wilmington pretty perfectly. It's hard not to be completely overjoyed when your weekends are filled with beach time, brunch, & antiquing in a picturesque little downtown. Fill in the weekday spaces with school & limitless cups of coffee, & I guess you could say I'm one lucky girl. And, well, my husband is pretty badass - helping me study, making me laugh so hard I cry. Don't mind me, I'm just riding the wave of blissed-out summertime*. And it's still only early June. There's plenty more in store, I hope.

*playlist coming soon


Mree said…
sounds like it going to be a fab summer for you! Beautiful pictures!! Love your wedding rings, so pretty!!

Best, Mree
So pretty! I love the shot of your ring, it's gorgeous!
Sarah said…
I have that same Starbucks mug! Love it. :)

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