on being a student again.

In the morning, I wake up. It's always with a grudging demeanor that I roll out of bed early in the morning. Keep in mind that to me, any time before 9 a.m. is early. 

I trudge into the bathroom, because once I'm awake, I find it hard to carry on with my day until I've brushed my teeth. Brushing them when I first wake up will mean that I need to brush them again before I leave the house, but, like I said, it's worth it to me.

Then, I make my way into the kitchen. The coffee pot sits in the corner, on the counter, like a beacon of hope & caffeination. I smile at it - at least internally, for I don't think my facial muscles are capable of a smile before noon - & know that soon, I will feel good. 

I sit down at the computer, steaming cup in hand, & open the Internet browser. This is my favorite way to start the day. In the quiet of the early morning, before the puppy in the apartment above starts loping about, chasing its toys. 

The caffeine kicks in as I navigate my favorite blogs. I begin opening more browsers to accommodate my growing interests, plans, & research topics. And all too soon, my phone alarm signals the end of this free time, this luxury. 

And then, oftentimes, it's off to school. 

I can't adequately express my joy at being a student again. Nor can I express my gratitude that my husband is able to provide for our family, in order that I may take this route. Being a student again inspires me, reminds me that there is hope for me yet. It is that extra push I need in order to rise earlier, to get more done, to add more to my to-do list. It is the reason I keep reaching & hoping & dreaming. It is a God-send. Thank you.

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Angela Gardiner said…
What an exciting opportunity for you! Education is so important and if you have an opportunity for more, go for it!!!!
Some many folks grumble and complain about being in school, but I love to hear someone who is grateful for that, especially knowing how challenging it can be. It is such a gift, and I, too, love that feeling of learning, growing, expanding. Enjoy it, and cheers to you for making those lovely, quiet moments in the morning. It's easy to snooze another (dozen or so) time(s), but those precious ways to start the day are far better spent relishing.
April said…
I love browsing blogs with coffee in the morning. I do it at work in the first hour while I'm winding up to be productive. :)
Leah said…
This is so funny! It sounds like myself every morning!!! Especially when it comes to the coffee pot; the elixir of life that gets me through the first horror of opening my eyes and actually getting up and doing something!

There is something exciting and hopeful about being a student, about being constantly learning! The homework is killer though! If I could be in class all day have no assignments at all, being a student would be the perfect life! I'm so glad you get the opportunity to go back. Wishing you all the best! What are you studying?
Tina Byland said…
I love learning... though I am still curious... what's the course of study, hm??? Keep it up! Alex is taking classes right now to finish his administration certificate to be a principal and he's loving being back in school. I am a bit jealous of you two...
Sarah said…
Yay for school! Although I definitely feel ready to be done with my grad program and finally have a decent income, I am a nerd through and through and love school. :) There's just something so nice about learning about the topics that interest you, finding new areas that thrill you, and keeping your mind active. So glad that you are able to do all of this! :)

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