It's been the kind of week where I wake up & sleep-walk to the coffee pot. Yes, believe it or not, not every single week is like that for me. Weeks like this leave me wishing for long, lingering weekends in which I can wear outfits like those below, flitting around to antique shops & beaches & swimming pools, just being lovely. And while this week's Friday's Fancies theme revolves around wedding guest wear, I thought I'd share a lazy little summer outfit.
friday's fancies #72: flitting from place to place, summer-style.

summer scarf | flip flops | shorts | top

The top is a pretty great value - thinking of ordering one in every color.

beach reading:
- Sometimes I need to read quotes like this one that Betsy meditated on, on Sunday.
- My style muse & namesake, Lauren, reminds us not to get caught up in the numbers.
- Julia's pattern mixing party has taken my summer wardrobe inspiration to new heights.

this week's posts:

After a bit of a trying week for both of us, Justin & I are excited to hit the beaches of Wilmington this weekend. There aren't many other plans for the next couple of days, other than that. I have reading to do - both school- & leisure-related. The house will - God willing - be clean by this evening. Add in some crafting, & you've got an accurate look inside my life. Here's to sand, ocean-views, words on pages, & spools of yarn, waiting to be made into something.


Susan said…
So comfy looking Lauren! I love it, it's what I would totally wear all weekend! and I'm with you, I have this urge to knit--so badly!
angie said…
I would certainly wear this outfit, it's perfect for lazing about by the beach. Love it!
ashlyn williams said…
i am always longing for long weekend. i have been a walking zombie the last couple weeks. & then the one morning i can actually sleep in i am up reading blogs. REALLY. i dont get me sometimes.

but love this look, so cute!
Mree said…
Great outfit for the weekend. Thanks so much for the links. I love learning about new blogs!! Have a great weekend.

Best, Mree
Kristin Saling said…
Looks so comfy! I don't know what I love more - the outfit or the idea of a laaaaaazy weekend! So needed! Have a great one! :D


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