the sunday currently, volume 37.

Borrowing from my old blog, I thought I would do a bit of a differently-styled TSC post this week. Of course, feel free to link up your classically-styled Currently posts here, but also feel free to follow along with the style captured below. I want all linkers to feel free to respond to the Currently prompt in any way they would like. I'll be switching between the two templates from time to time, according to my mood!

See classically-styled TSC posts here.

currently dreaming about:

The weirdest things. My dreams have been totally off-the-wall lately, & they are the kind of dreams you can't remember right when you wake up, but that come back to you later on in the day. One I can recall at the moment involves my engaged friend marrying someone totally different than who she is engaged to.  

currently wishing for:

Starbucks. Not the loftiest, nor selfless of wishes, but there it is. Today, I'm jonesing for either a Tall Caramel Macchiato or a Tall Caramel Frappuccino. Anyone care to make a Starbucks run with me/for me? I'll come pick you up...

currently loving to wear:

Bright orange shorts
My grandpa's watch
My little watermelon earrings

currently listening to:

The Mowgli's
Mates of State
Of Mountains & Men
Alabama Shakes

... all summer music, in my opinion.

currently watching:

Practically nothing. All of our shows - aside from Awkward - have gone off TV for the season. This is where I need your help: what shows MUST we watch? I want something I can't get enough of.

currently reading:

The Casual Vacancy, by JK Rowling, & loving every minute of it. I've always immensely enjoyed her writing... duh, Harry Potter... but the fact that I am loving her adult novel that has nothing to do with magic or wizards or Hogwarts is very affirming for me.

currently spotted:

With Justin at Kure Beach yesterday afternoon.

currently concerned about:

A bunch of abstract, unfounded fears. I told you: weird dreams. They produce weird feelings. Also, with keeping my A in class. Also, with the rash that seems to be taking up residence on my face. I think I may have a talc allergy. Yikes.

currently loving:

Our proximity to the beach.
The way our house is finally coming together.
Summer Scentsy scents. 

currently planning:

My to-do list for the day, which I'm hoping will include buying a wreath hanger, finishing the laundry, going to the pool, &, of course, having that Starbucks.

I hope you enjoyed checking out this different version of The Sunday Currently this week. Like I said, please feel free to link up any post in which you share what you are currently up to. Happy Sunday!

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Emily Woodard said…
I love the new style! I'm definitely going to try it next week :)
Anonymous said…
Good to know that JK Rowling can write excellent adult books too! Once I'm done my current reading wish lists, I've have to add her to my summer reading plans.

Have a great week!
Tina Byland said…
I could go for some Starbucks, too. Let's meet up! Hehe.
Jordan said…
So happy it is beach season! I'd never leave if I didn't have to.
April said…
Hallelujah for summer music.

Hey, by the way, I'm having a giveaway on my blog this week. Check it out if you like winning free stuff. ;)
Rachel said…
Oh those beach pictures are envious! I have been having some pretty crazy dreams too! Not sure what to think of that?! ha ha Have a wonderful week!
Leah said…
Hehe! I love these posts! You can say so much in such a little space of time. I hate it when I have those kinds of dreams; they tend to haunt you all day and give you that unsettled feeling. Of Monsters and Men-respect!
i have a million TV shows suggestions... but let's start with game of thrones!

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