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a pre-thanksgiving pop-in.

It's really a bit mind-boggling, how busy I've found myself in this first semester of OT school. It's been a wild ride, and I wouldn't trade it for anything (despite my somewhat-constant grumbling as of late - stress'll do that to ya). 
I'm sitting here in my dining room. Tahoe is asleep on the first landing of the stairs, and the blustery rain is continuing its incessant beating outside. The ham was picked up earlier today, and I have an 18-item to-do list immediately to my left, none of which includes school tasks. Our first Thanksgiving guest arrives later this evening. 
It's our first Thanksgiving to host with non-family members in attendance - though we will, thankfully, have one family member in attendance! - & to say that I'm thrilled is an understatement. I love the holidays. I love food. I love friends. I love having people over. But I'm a little bit nervous, too. Cooking for these friends that have so quickly become family is a bit in…

four on friday.

a morning walk on the first of november
a gloomy drive on the way to
late breakfast at a hole-in-the-wall
large chunks of time spent on top of the world-
or, at least, the top floor of the library

this is the stuff of our days lately
this, and dinner on the couch
and food network viewing
and just normal, busy things

good morning, november.

I woke up today, and, somehow, it was the eleventh month of 2014, I was an occupational therapy student, and my house was a mess. For a moment, I felt bad about that. You know, the house-being-a-mess part. I also felt bad about the fact that I didn't really make time to work out in October. Or time to blog. Or time to read. Or crochet - something I love doing around this time of year. I also felt a little bit bad about my bare nails - I've been wanting to paint them red for a while now. Because, while red is always a good idea, it's an even better one in the fall.

I felt bad about these things.

And then, I thought, hello November.

It's a brand new month. A month in which we can make ourselves whoever we want to be.

Here's who I want to be in November:

- a person who is busy, but smiling
- a person who makes time to sit down at the kitchen table with coffee & oatmeal every morning, to have a proper breakfast
- a person who reads - even if it is the tiniest littl…