good morning, november.

I woke up today, and, somehow, it was the eleventh month of 2014, I was an occupational therapy student, and my house was a mess. For a moment, I felt bad about that. You know, the house-being-a-mess part. I also felt bad about the fact that I didn't really make time to work out in October. Or time to blog. Or time to read. Or crochet - something I love doing around this time of year. I also felt a little bit bad about my bare nails - I've been wanting to paint them red for a while now. Because, while red is always a good idea, it's an even better one in the fall.

I felt bad about these things.

And then, I thought, hello November.

It's a brand new month. A month in which we can make ourselves whoever we want to be.

Here's who I want to be in November:

- a person who is busy, but smiling
- a person who makes time to sit down at the kitchen table with coffee & oatmeal every morning, to have a proper breakfast
- a person who reads - even if it is the tiniest little bit - for pleasure every single day
- a person who crochets while watching television or a movie
- a person who doesn't get ragged-feeling when they have a lot to do; rather, a person who simply makes the list and gets it done, however much time it may take

Those are the things that I decided this morning, bright and early at 11:15, while I sat here with my blue laptop and waited for my pecan pie coffee to brew.

And I feel good about it all.

Happy November!


siddathornton said…
Putting a positive spin on it tends to help! Here's to a good November!! :)

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