the sunday currently, volume 103.

the joy of birthday dinner

Oh, my lofty goals. I'll put up my TSC posts at 10 a.m. from now on, she said. It'll work, she said. I'm going to be on top of it, she said.

Let's be real. And let's keep the publishing time to noon on Sundays, ok?


Now that we have that business out of the way, I can tell you that, as of yesterday, I am officially 29 years old. I had a birthday weekend in Raleigh, and it was wonderful. We had dinner last night at Second Empire Restaurant and Tavern, and it was absolutely delicious. Here's to 29!

On this it's-wonderful-to-be-settling-back-in-at-home Sunday, I am currently...

reading some items for school today. I have a quiz tomorrow, on the first day of fall semester! Also, still reading Go Set A Watchman. I didn't read a lick while in Shreveport, nor on my travels back east. I am going to craft a reading schedule today so that I can finish it by next weekend.
writing a long to-do list for today. Things need to happen. Things, like dyeing my hair, writing thank you notes, getting a little first-day-of-OT-school gift together for my buddy, etc. All fun, productive things, which I am looking forward to doing. The best kind of to-do list.
listening to Justin. Sometimes we are having conversations while I tap out these posts. Now, he's talking to Tahoe. Let's just say that TBear is relieved to have us all back under the same roof; specifically the roof that she is used to being under. She stayed at "her hotel" while we were away in Wyoming, and then I was gone in Shreveport for a week after that. Add in our weekend jaunt to Raleigh, and you have the perfect recipe for a dog in moderate distress. She slept like an absolute baby last night, and she seems to be pretty pumped that life seems to be going back to normal.
thinking that I am also glad to be back home and gearing up for fall semester. I LOVE THE FALL. It is my favorite time of year. The holidays are coming, dark nail polish time is coming, boots, sweaters, darker hair and makeup, football season, a chill in the air. What could be better? I was telling Justin all of this on our walk this morning. I think he agrees. Here's to fall!
smelling like Wild Madagascar Vanilla from Bath and Body Works, and loving it. Nobody tell them I said that, though, because then they will discontinue the scent, like they do with all of the good ones [ahem, Brown Sugar and Fig, I miss you]. WAIT A SECOND. Right after I typed that last sentence, I felt the need to Google Brown Sugar and Fig, just to make absolutely sure that was the name, and it looks like they brought it back! YAY. Sorry for what I said, Bath and Body Works [but you know it's true].
wishing for a wonderfully, relaxingly productive day. As soon as this post goes up, Justin and I are heading out to grab some lunch. Then, it's to-do list making time. Then it's checking off to-do list time.
hoping the semester gets off to a good start!
wearing my favorite workout pants from Tangerine, an Under Armor top, a mint and cream cardigan that my mom gave me while I was in town [it's the best when she cleans out her closet], and a scarf. Basically, my daily uniform.
loving being home and getting back into my routine. I value the ordinary.
wanting my parents to come visit me. And my sister to as well!
needing to get inspired. I feel it coming on.
feeling content. And that first-day-of-school feeling in my stomach. And loved, due to all of the birthday wishes I received yesterday. And happy. And calm. And all of those good things.
clicking The Sunday Secrets, as usual.

Here's to the beginning of a new semester tomorrow! And here's to blogging. It is giving me so much joy to be back here in this space.

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