the sunday currently, volume 105.

yesterday: christmas in september at coffee shack

Greetings! I hope you'll excuse my tardiness for this week's edition of The Sunday Currently. This morning, Justin and I were driving around, trying to figure out where to go for breakfast. Long story short, we ended up driving to New Bern so that we could go to Baker's Kitchen. Hands down, best decision of the week. We had the most delicious coffee and breakfast. I am happy.

And also, I am currently...

reading nothing at the moment.
writing nothing at the moment. It feels good to be experiencing a holiday weekend, I'll tell you that.
listening to my Fall 2015 playlist that I made yesterday on Spotify. I'm still finalizing the details of the list, but once it's complete, I think I might share it here.
thinking that a bad night's sleep is pretty debilitating. I woke up feeling worn out, and my legs felt heavy on the walk with Tahoe and Justin this morning. I'm hoping this afternoon's workout will help.
smelling a mixture of coffee, waffle batter, sizzling bacon, and other breakfast fare was a welcome, wonderful thing this morning. What a comfort.
wishing I had gotten a better night's sleep last night.
hoping to have a great workout this afternoon.
wearing my workout clothes already.
loving my manicure! Danielle and I went to have a mani/pedi yesterday, and I got dark, reddish purple shellac. To me, September is such a purply-grey month, and I wanted my nails to reflect that. I am hoping to keep the gel manicures going for a while - they are so nice. And they last for two weeks!
wanting some more couch time after I finish this post. I'm lazy today. You could probably tell from my lackluster responses.
needing a nap.
feeling tired, worn out, and uninspired. Like I said, I'm hoping my workout is a remedy for that. It usually is.
clicking through threads on Reddit, as usual.

It's overcast and muggy here in Greenville today. Maybe that's the reason for my sluggish demeanor? Either way, here's hoping things pick up a bit in the energy/personality department as the day goes on.

What are you doing? Link up and share below.


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