the sunday currently, volume 106.

from where i sit

Good morning afternoon! Today I am coming to you from one of my favorite places in Greenville/Winterville - The Coffee Shack - because I've been working with a couple of my friends on statistics this morning. Now, I am no longer working on statistics, but eating a piece of cake and writing a blog post. 

On this Coffee Shack Sunday, I am currently... 

reading nothing. This needs to change. I still haven't finished reading Go Set a Watchman. I just need to make time for it this week. I still haven't made a schedule. I need to just do it. 
writing blog post fragments in my phone lately. I've been having some "moments," since this is the second to last classroom-based semester that I'll have with my classmates, who have become like family. I'm not really allowing myself to think to hard on the fact that the rest of our classroom time together is going to go so fast. 
listening to the songs they're playing in here. Sometimes the music selections make me feel overly emotional. And when they play Christmas music, sometimes I cry. Or, it did last year at least.
thinking that a large piece of cake is always a good idea. Especially since Justin and I are going to go on a run when I get home.
smelling the delicious smell of coffee and baked goods. Environments like this are always the best for getting things done. It's such a comforting atmosphere to me.
wishing I had gotten up earlier today. I'm going to be working on that all week. I will get it right!
hoping to get a lot done once I go home today, as well as this week. I may make a list of everything I want to accomplish this week, later today.
wearing my Jackson Hole shirt and missing Wyoming so much. I want to go back.
loving my friends. I never expected to meet such wonderful people in school, but I did.
wanting a good run today, and a clean house to show by the end of the day.
needing to clean up my diet this week. I have a plan formulated to ween myself off of the ridiculous amount of sweets I've been eating. I've been in a good workout routine, so I need to stop sabotaging that with endless sweets and indulgent meals.
feeling content and productive.
clicking the Sunday Secrets. And I just emailed them to Danielle so she can click on them too.

Well, now I'm off to go for a run and clean up the rest of my house. Here's to productivity! And, also, here's to the wonderful, fall-tastic chill in the air this morning!

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