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It's been quite a long time since I shared an outfit post on siddathornton. To be exact, it was on July 4, 2014. Back then, I was attempting to use affiliate links on my blog, but rest assured that I have since decided that this blog isn't something that I plan to monetize. This is just me, sharing things that I love, with you. Let's keep it that way.

All of that aside, I shouldn't be blogging right now. I came up to school in the hopes of working on both a project and statistics homework. But, I find myself in a kind of melancholy I haven't felt in a long time. And, as I look out of my study room window, I see grey skies, incessant drizzle, and hear the whir and sputter of various pipes and smoke stacks. To say the least, it's more the type of day that you may like to sit and read, or perhaps think about life, or perhaps write a blog post containing some cozy fall things [instead of doing school work]. Obviously, I have chosen the latter. 

Lately, I have been loving relaxed fit jeans. I got some on our summer vacation to Charlotte/Wyoming/Shreveport, from Forever21, and I haven't looked back since. I love them. They are so comfortable, so cozy, that I knew I wanted them represented in this outfit board. Since the gel nails that I wore for over two weeks recently came off, I've been obsessed with what nail polish color I would paint next. I think this Essie shade perfectly straddles the border between September and October. I haven't owned boots like the ones pictured above since I was a child, but I think that is territory I'd be happy to trod on. The shirt above looks like a shirt that I have in three colors. I don't think I'll ever have enough of them. Leaf earrings felt like a good idea, and really, you cannot go wrong with a big, cozy, plaid scarf in the fall, can you? And finally, all fall outfit boards feel just a little bit more complete with a coordinating mug. What else would I drink my pumpkin spice latte out of? A good question indeed. 

I couldn't do an outfit post like this without thinking of Friday's Fancies, which I miss!
What are you dreaming of donning in the fall? Please share. I'd love to know.
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