friday's fancies #43: these clothes melt stress.

friday's fancies #43: these clothes melt stress.
this week's friday's fancies theme is oufit crush, but i just knew
i had to create another autumn-centered look.
see the first one here. see last year's looks here & here.
by the way, i'm pretty sure these clothes melt stress.
just looking at them has made me feel more like
a human being than i did beforehand. the last few weeks
before my wedding are seriously ripping
me a new one [i know, classy]. but i think if i could
actually put this outfit on, i'd feel a lot better about
everything on my plate. and the plate of everyone around me.

dear next week, please be a little easier on me than this week was. i know you are the week before wedding week, but how about we pop a chill pill together & call it a day?

dear justin, can you believe it? only fifteen days until i'm mrs. christy. and only sixteen days until we're headed toward east coast bliss. AND only thirty-four days until we're finally living together in wilmington.

dear wilmington, did you hear that? only thirty-four days until we're reunited. i hope you're ready for justin & me to cross some items off our wishlist.

dear mom & dad, i could never thank y'all enough for all that you do for me, but i still want to say a really big thank you.

dear weekend, i will always love you.

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Laura said…
Love the coziness of this look! :)
angie said…
Ah I just love this! I want to wear it today! And oh my your wedding is so close are you dealing with the stress of it all? Mine is in about 8 weeks now and I just the day to be here now...I've had enough with all of the planning!
Blue Dog Belle said…
Love this!

xo, Emily
Swede Dreams said…
I'm all about cozy, however the weather in Florida is not quite there yet! I'm hosting a Bloomingdale's Gift Card giveaway that ends in 2 days, if you are interested please stop over! Enjoy the weekend! Angie
briannelee said…
I would totally wear this outfit. Love it!
Christa Waldrop said…
I love that look! So cozy! Happy Friday!

Significance or Nothing.
Emily said…
love this cozy/chic look!! i would wear this everyday!! happy weekend!! xoxo
Ashley said…
Look at you... I haven't blogged all week, and you're dealing with wedding preparations and blogging. Wow! (:

I'm loving your cozy clothes... I could use an outfit like that right about now. Anything that melts stress is good in my book!
Oh my, these clothes look just amazing right now...I can't wait for my own lazy weekend so I can break out the sweaters and comfy jeans!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend Lauren!

Only 15 days?! Exciting!! The stress will hopefully be gone soon enough :) I can see how this outfit can have a calming effect!
Nicole Rene said…
Loving all of this! especailly that scarf and those amazing boots! Great find!

xoxo, Nicole Rene
Simply Savannah
Rima said…
oooo it's getting closer :)))
Lori Vann said…
Love those boots! Congrats on your upcoming wedding! Don't stress it will be great!
I love this color palette and the warm and cozy feel :-)
Ashley Brooke said…
wow, that scarf is incredible! love this outfit! new follower, can't wait to catch up on your posts :)
Tamaras Blend said…
These clothes are really so autumnish and cosy!
looooove the pants and boots!!! I'm currently looking for the perfect pair of casual boots for fall... I think I may have found them :)

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