a bachelorette fete: natalie's.

AS I recover from my labor day bachelorette festivities, 
a few of my favorite bloggers have agreed to stand in for me 
& share their own bachelorette experiences. today, natalie 
from natalie merrillyn shares some sweet details from her party. enjoy!


Hello Siddathornton readers! I'm Natalie from Natalie Merrillyn and I'm so excited to be sharing about my bachelorette party while Lauren is enjoying her pre-wedding festivities. Ironically, my bachelorette party was exactly two years ago today -- it was such a fun day!
My bachelorette party was pretty low-key. My bridesmaids and close friends gathered at a friends house for homemade sushi and tropical drinks. We had a mini lingerie shower and then headed to downtown Annapolis {my hometown} for cocktails and dancing. It was a fun night with some of my best girlfriends, I wouldn't have it any other way!

Here are a few things that helped me get through the night:

Thanks so much, Lauren, for having me! And please be sure to stop by Natalie Merrillyn!



thank you, natalie! and i hope everyone is having a fabulous day off work for the labor day holiday!

check back on wednesday to read daci's story.


Ashley said…
Love the bachelorette survival kit! Too cute! Hope you are resting well and enjoying your extra day off, Lauren :)
Amanda said…
Such a good idea to have a survival kit! Loving the roundup.
love this little series--and honored to be here (later in the week) alongside Natalie! xoxo {av}
Natalie said…
Thanks so much for having me, Lauren! Hope you have a blast at yours!

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