26: the september review.

i've made quite a few goals for my twenty-sixth year here on earth [see them here], & i think it's important to keep track of my progress, to ensure i accomplish as many of those items as possible.

first, let's start off with the failure-of-sorts. one of my goals was to write, every single day, even if it was just one word. and well, i'm a little unsure if i've really accomplished this. when i made that goal, i intended to write in an ink-and-paper journal - that is to say, on paper. that is to say, blogging wasn't going to count. if i counted blogging, i'd have almost every day covered, but not all of them. furthermore, i write in an ink-and-paper planner every day, sometimes recording events of the day, sometimes just recording lists. if writing in the planner counts, then i'm covered. but really, i want to amp up my actual journaling skills. so i'm going to take this mini-failure & use it as inspiration, a renewed push to achieve.

a great many of the items on the list are time-sensitive, & well, the time for those events simply hasn't yet arrived. but next month, i think i'll have a lot more progress to track. and as i'm learning through reading the happiness project, by gretchen rubin, the growth & progress acquired while accomplishing tasks & working toward goals, produces happiness.

i'll wrap up with a success story. one of my goals is to keep a record of all the books i read this year, & follow up with a corresponding critique. so far, i've completed two books. you can view the write-ups here & here

all in all, i think i'm headed in the right direction - now, just to keep it up!

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I'm the worst in sticking to my goals. A big hooray to you for doing so! I hope you can complete your whole list before your birthday! :-) x
Denise Pacurar said…
I too don't always stick to my goals, but it's ok :)
Elle Sees said…
I think I told you this before, but I use to do monthly resolutions on my blog. I kinda slacked off but no 1 is notices!
It has gotten so hard to write with a pen and paper these days. It's so easy to just type, type, type away. In fact, I'm trying to get back in the habit because my handwriting is just ATROCIOUS! Not only is it chicken scratch but my spacing is off & I can't write straight for the life of me.

If anything should keep you ink and paper journaling, let it be your handwriting! You don't want to end up like me. Eeks!!!

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