Sunday, September 9, 2012

starbucks sunday: pumpkin spice currents.

today - starbucks sunday - has been a day of early church. of nail polish purchases. of neighborhood runs. of pumpkin spice lattes. of taking two puppies for a walk in the autumn-infused air. of reading on the porch & putting off laundry.
reading where we belong, by emily giffin. and in reading it, i successfully put off doing laundry for at least 45 minutes today.
writing cover letters. i have to find a job in wilmington.
listening to alt nation with my mom on our mini-road trip friday was blissful. i love the killers' new song.
thinking it's time to slow down & calm down.
smelling fall-time in the air. it's the first day it's felt cool outside & i have dreams of sweaters & tights swirling in my head now.
wishing things would just go back to normal.
hoping this week will be better than last week. i am in need of some low-stress productivity.
wearing work out clothes, which is awesome, because that means i've worked out today.
loving the walk i went on with the puppies today.
wanting the cool air to stay around a while.
needing to go hop in the shower. and finish my laundry. and read more of my book.
feeling a bit anxious, but still rather content.
clicking through new blogs, finding new favorites.
here's to a week of clarity, comfort, & at least one other trip to starbucks.

photo: nook & starbucks \ instagram


Melissa said...

Even though it's fall-ish outside, I've made sure to leave it at 68 inside so I can wear my sweaters and leggings NOW! :) Love the fall weather! x

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

Love!!! The weather was perfect for dog walking today! Such a perfect photo.

010 said...

i wish there is starbucks pumpkin spice in my country.


Nicole said...

Sounds like everything is going fabulous! BUT while reading this...I realized that I'm also putting off laundry. CRAP!

his little lady said...

i've heard a lot about "where we belong". i think i need to give it a read!
and it's it the best to know that you worked out for the day? i always feel so accomplished! :)
xo TJ

Unknown said...

Oh boy, I miss pumpkin spiced lattes sooo much! I was just at a Starbucks the other day and asked in the off chance that they might still have some left....wishful thinking I guess =)

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