Thursday, September 27, 2012

love lists: september.

september has been a month of immense stress, what with the promise of this event on the quickly-approaching horizon. but that doesn't mean i haven't had time to rack up a list of things i've been loving in this autumn month...

1. sparkly, festive party dresses.
i picked up two dresses from francesca's collections this month, one for my shower, & one for my rehearsal dinner. obviously, i can't post a photo of the rehearsal dinner one, but this post showcases the one i wore for the shower. there is absolutely nothing like wearing a sparkly, twirly, princess dress. i talked a little more about that here.
2. starbucks pumpkin spice lattes.
honestly, no explanation is really needed, except that i love these things. i really do.
3. the autumn season.
candy corn. the sparkly halloween wreath on our door. boots.
4. sinful colors nail polish in leap flog.
may i present to you: the jade manicure.
5. spoiled nail polish in i don't drink cheap wine.
because there is little better than wine-inspired manicures.
6. the re-discovery of my green & teal earrings.
these things practically glow in my earlobes. and i like that.
7. tyler candle in dolce vita.
all i need to take me back to late afternoon sun streaming in the windows at our quaint kinston apartment.
8. my family shower.
as mentioned above, read more here & here.
9. my engagement ring.
i didn't think it was possible, but i've fallen even more in love with my ring this month. maybe it's because my wedding is coming up. maybe it's because our engagement anniversary is coming up. either way, i can't keep my eyes of that beautiful bauble. see it here.
10. colgate optic white toothpaste.
this stuff has aided me in prepping my smile to be wedding ready.

and now october is right around the corner... & that means wedding month!

photo: an autumn afternoon walk \ instagram


Nat said...

I love francesca's- I always find the best dresses there. I agree with all of these- especially pumpkin spice lattes and fun wine colored polish for fall!
I also still LOVE my engagement ring 3 years later!

Melissa said...

1. I too just got a sparkly dress from there - I'm going to laugh at our good taste if it's the same dress :) Either way, I know you will look absolutely stunning!!

2. AAAAMEN to the pumpkin-ness. I don't do coffee, so I put mine in chai, but just YUM!

4. I actually ordered that color after I saw it on you :) Thanks for the suggestion!

9. Your engagement ring is beautiful and I'm SURE that as you get closer and closer, you will love it even more!

xo :) sorry this is like a book!

Unknown said...

I love Francesca's too! Thankfully we don't have one in my home mall, or else I'd buy everything. When I stop by, though, I have to get something! I can't wait to see your rehearsal dress Lauren :)


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