critique cache september: graceling, by kristin cashore.

it's not that i didn't like graceling - really, that's not it at all. but it did take me entirely too long to read.

and you know, maybe i was just going through a literary dry spell, because those happen.

every time i picked graceling up, though, i was sucked into the story... for a little while. i think it may have to do with kristin cashore's writing style - i'd be hooked, reading about a thrilling situation, or getting worked up over katsa & po's relationship, & then she'd just... switch gears. i know that's a tactic many authors employ, & sometimes i don't mind it [or even notice it], but in graceling, i found it a bit frustrating, like it disjointed the story.

in a similar vein, when not reading graceling, i didn't miss it... didn't yearn for it. and to me, being lonesome for a book is the gauge by which i measure my affection for it.

so graceling... i liked you, but i didn't love you*.

memorable moments:

'a torch on the path nearby caught the glimmer of small gold hoops in his ears.' - pg. 14

'"i trust you," he said suddenly. he stepped out of her path and waved her forward. she thought him very strange, and impulsive, but she saw he'd relaxed his guard, and she wasn't one to waste an opportunity.' - pg. 15

'the city was waking, and the streets smelled of baking bread.' - pg. 22

'perhaps if katsa had six older brothers, she would also have six friends.' - pg. 71

'the days were beginning to shorten. the air would crispen soon, and the castle would smell of wood burning in the fireplaces. the leaves would crackle under her horse's hooves when she went riding.' - pg. 75

'"i know when someone wants to hurt me, and how," he said. "i know if a person looks on me kindly, or if he trusts me. i know if a person doesn't like me. i know when someone intends to deceive me.' - pg. 103

final grade: B-

*there was, however, an excerpt from cashore's bitterblue in the back of the book, which i found more compelling. i may check it out.

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