Saturday, September 8, 2012

a labor day weekend, spent on the beach.

THERE'S NO doubt about it - this trip almost didn't happen. hurricane isaac nearly kept us from traveling down to the beach where i spent my childhood summers: gulf shores, alabama. but like so many other things, this trip had a way of working out. and now i can say i've got a labor day bachelorette party under my belt.
thank you so much to my friends for giving me a beach trip i'll never forget, & will always yearn for.
on the skirts of a great week of guest posts by some of my favorite bloggers, i wanted to give a little peek into my festivities. more photos + a look into justin's coordinating celebration will come next week.
view the guest posts here:
photos: gulf shores, by way of our balcony at lighthouse condominium \ instagram


Anonymous said...

Wow! This looks very lovely!! And I am so glad Isaac did no harm!! Whew!

Suze said...

I'm glad you were able to enjoy yourself- wonderful!

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