the sunday currently, volume 3.

reading the happiness project, by gretchen rubin. i hate that i haven't finished this book yet. i just haven't really been reading before bed at night, which is when most of my best reading is done. i plan to have this book done in the next couple of days, because i plan to blog about it this coming week. i'm trying to keep my reading rhythm up - once the stress of the wedding has passed, i think my mind will free up some space for more books.
writing a humongous stack of thank you notes. my writing hand is so sore, & i still have like three notes left to do. but, really, i love writing thank you notes - it's like writing letters to all of my favorite people.
listening to beach house on this rainy sunday. it is ridiculously relaxing. i also listened to them last night while on my thank you note writing bender. it was raining then too. really, it has rained constantly this weekend. i love it. i've also been listening to why am i the one, by fun. on my beachy bachelorette party, one morning - while we were getting ready to go down to the beach - i was eating a plate of scrambled eggs & kara & i were dancing around to this song. anna claire said, this is probably one of the happiest moments, even though this is one of the saddest songs. a favorite memory.
thinking i am really excited about the string quartet that's going to play in the wedding... which is now under two weeks away. a violin played in church today, & that's why the quartet is on my mind - i think string instruments are so moving - i can't wait to enjoy them.
smelling lola, by marc jacobs. i think it's going to be my fall/winter perfume. the smell of it always reminds me of scarves & christmas.
wishing we could just go ahead & get to the fun part of all this planning - the actual wedding! i'm tired of meetings, plans, & discussions... i'm ready for the fun!
hoping for some relief from recent stress. i always thought people were either whining or exaggerating [or both] when they talked about how stressful the last few months/weeks before your wedding end up being. well, as it turns out, they weren't whining. or exaggerating. or both. it's supremely stressful. and i'm ready for some quality relaxation time, people.
wearing a blue shirt, the scarf i was wearing when i got engaged, a purple millsaps sweatshirt, & the most comfortable pants in the world. the perfect post-church, lazy sunday outfit.
loving that justin stayed up late last night, researching jobs & careers for me. his support & enthusiasm about what i'll end up doing is unending, & i don't think he'll ever realize how much i appreciate it. and how encouraging it is. i also loved seeing the pumpkins - pictured above - last night in brookshires.
wanting to use all our new bath & body works lotions, at the same time. it's ridiculous how excited i get about things from that store. we got brown sugar & fig, dreamy vanilla woods, sweet cinnamon pumpkin, & black currant vanilla. deeee-licious!
needing a pumpkin spice latte & a shopping spree. the first one may just be granted a little bit later. it is starbucks sunday, after all. the second one, well... that will have to come later, after i've found a job in wilmington.
feeling warm & cozy in bed.
clicking the sunday secrets. like i do every sunday.

photo: pumpkins in brookshires \ iphone

what are you doing?


Ashley said…
My husband and I just went to Starbucks and had a couple coffees... then I remembered I could have had a Pumpkin Spice Latte, doh! Next time. That smell is delish.

I love that pumpkin photo. Makes me want to go out and get some for the apartment. I've got fall on the brain. (:
Betsy said…
yay, I'm glad we've started linking up! this is actually such a great way to reflect on how I'm spending our time... and I need that, so thank you :)
Haha well we think the same! I keep telling myself I can't shop til I get a job :P

The fun will come!!! Don't let the stress get the best of you! <3
Stephanie said…
I'm so jealous of your rainy weekend. I realize this probably sounds silly, but I would give anything for one!!!
i LOVED the happiness projects. congrats on the upcoming wedding!!!
Mree said…
I too want a pumpkin spice latte and a shopping spree! How great would that be? Hope you had a great Sunday! Happy Monday!!
Elizabeth Jaime said…
I loved reading the Happiness Project. It made me, well, happy!


You've got an amazing fiance! That was so sweet of him to do! Good luck with those thank you notes! It's definitely a race to get them all done before the wedding gift notes need to be written!

Enjoy the planning that is left! The wedding day is going to FLY by. So soak it all in!

I was traveling yesterday but I'll be back on the regular for Currently next weekend!!!

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