a bayou state shower.

my coworkers sure do know how to spoil a girl... last wednesday, the lovely staff members of 
bayou state therapy,* as well as the other offices in the building, pitched in to produce
an absolute feast, as well as a wedding shower for justin & me.
there were red velvet cupcakes. there was rotel dip. there were sandwiches, pasta salad,
 cocktail weenies covered in bbq sauce, potato salad, & even some oreos. it was delicious.
and after we all had our fill to eat, we gathered in the pt gym for some good old fashioned
 gift-opening. justin & i have been so very blessed to receive so many great, useful items.
i truly can't say thank you enough, but i will do my best by sharing these silly images with you.
i sure do get a kick out of them, & i think you will too...
... yep. that's me.
a heart-felt thank you to everyone involved.

photos: via mom \ iphone

*i have absolutely loved working for my dad this summer/leading up to the
wedding this month. next week, i will discuss this experience in further detail.


Awww! Congrats! Looks like you have some awesome friends!! I love that blanket. Something about the bulky knits on these chilly days just really makes my heart happy. :)

haha love the gifs!! I'll be throwing quite a few wedding showers in the coming months... can't wait!

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