our engagement anniversary.

today marks one year since justin & i got engaged at louisiana tech university homecoming.

in the time since then, we have moved to kinston, north carolina, i've moved back to shreveport, louisiana, he moved to wilmington, north carolina, we got married, we honeymooned in boston, massachusetts & portland, maine, & this coming weekend, i'll be joining him in wilmington.

it's been one whirlwind of a year!

it's so strange to me, to think that the photo at the left over there only happened one year ago. it feels like ages ago, probably because of everything we've crammed into the space & time between then & now. 

but i have to say: we're happy. and we'll be even happier when we're finally in the same place again, with no extra stress from a big event coming up.

we'll get to just... live. go to church on sunday mornings, watch our t.v. lineup, try new restaurants... cross things off our wilmington bucket list for this year.

a few notable engagement posts:

photo: right before the proposal \ iphone


Nicole said…
It's crazy how much can change in a year!
Jackiee said…
My whole family is from Shreveport! How are you liking it there?
Ashley said…
Awww time flies, huh? You really did cram a lot of exciting things into a very short time. I bet you can't wait to be reunited.

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