a surprise engagement party.

on the evening before our move to kinston, almost our entire wedding party - along with almost all of our parents - came together to surprise us with an engagement party at one of our favorite restaurants, bistro byronz. 

two of my very best friends & bridesmaids - anna claire & jenny - had been coordinating this sweet event since christmas - time; meanwhile, all of our friends & loved ones had to keep it a secret. and that was no small feat, as my mom & another of my bridesmaids, laura, told me. since i knew we had our move coming up, i had been trying to get as much quality time with those close to me as possible - & all the while, they had been bursting at the seams with the excitement of a party!

our wedding party hails from all over louisiana, as well as east texas - shreveport, baton rouge, frisco, lacombe, summerfield, alexandria, fort worth, dallas, denton, monroe... & my sister trekked from her college campus in jackson, mississippi. many of these folks traveled only to stay the night for the party, & turn around to drive all the way back home the next day. justin & i are so grateful, & we feel so loved. we couldn't ask for better, more generous people in our lives.

not to mention, the decorations were absolutely perfect. 
our wedding colors are yellow, gray, & black, 
& anna claire busted out her skills to really showcase those hues - i was in love. still am. 

i don't think justin & i could ever say thank you enough. 
if the engagement party was any indication 
of how awesome our wedding weekend will be, 
i know it is something we'll never, ever forget. 

i only wish i had more pictures! i was so busy having fun that i didn't even take my cell phone out of my purse the entire time. many of our sweet friends, as well as our parents & family, are not pictured above, & i wish they were!

photos: iphone, courtesy of kara & anna claire


ChinkyGirLMeL said…
omg! That is awesome! How sweet of your friends and family to throw you guys a surprise engagement party!
melanie said…
adorable! you have wonderful friends!
Jennifer said…
Aww! That's so sweet! How lucky are you?!
Stephanie said…
That's awesome!!!! What great friends and family!
Jenna said…
Oh my gosh! What an AMAZING and thoughtful surprise for you and Justin! You must have some really wonderful friends and family! <3 So so sweet!!

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