starbucks sunday: currents.

today, justin & i got in the car & trekked over to goldsboro, a little town about twenty-two miles west of kinston. why the trip? starbucks, of course! you may not know this, but kinston has no starbucks. as far as i've seen yet, kinston has no coffee shop to speak of, either. this very fact is how i've gone for over two weeks without my confection-laden coffee drinks. imagine my joy as we finally pulled through the drive thru of my used-to-be-weekly haunt.

as we pulled away - me with my tall nonfat caramel macchiato & cinnamon swirl coffee cake, justin with his tall peppermint mocha frappuccino & cinnamon swirl coffee cake - i knew that it was time for a 'currents' post here on my starbucks sunday feature.


reading timeline, by michael crichton. i hope to finish it this week. i'm so glad i finally listened to my dad & picked this book up. it's thrilling, exciting, educational, & just a fun read. afterwards, i'm reading the white castle of louisiana, by m.r. ailenroc. white castle is a book by one of the daughters of the man who built the plantation home where we're getting married. and after that book, it's harry potter re-read time!

writing via ink & paper methods, then transferring it to this blog. i find that i am a lot more creative with a pen in my hand, rather than a keyboard at my fingertips.

listening to john mayer radio on pandora - post coming regarding that later this week.

thinking that i am falling in love with greenville, the town approximately twenty-seven miles north of us. we have been there three times since i moved here two weeks ago.

smelling the most delicious-smelling soap i've come across in quite a while. it's called black currant vanilla, & it's from the bath & body works aromatherapy line. oh, & justin picked it out!

wishing for an extremely productive week. if you know me, you know that i absolutely detest waking up very early in the morning - and well, my job is eight to five now, & i have to get there right on the dot. and while this is difficult for me, i also take pride in the fact that i am getting things done so early in the morning, & the truth is that i love that feeling of productivity. the problem lies in getting there.

hoping we never have another bee incident, like we did yesterday. there was a huge swarm of bees right outside our back door & kitchen window. it may just brighten your day to know that justin & i were creeping around outside our house, armed with cans of bug spray, taking on what seemed to be a hives-full-worth of honey bees. when we called the landlady, she told us that they would fly away when the queen left. well, as it was, we couldn't just wait for the queen to tire of our neighborhood, as about twenty of her subjects were taking up residence inside our home. she also told us not to try to kill them - that it would just stir them up. we did not heed this advice, and two cans of industrial strength bug spray later, we were mopping up the inside of our doorway, boiling the kitchen sink, & discarding bug bodies in an effort to sweep up the aftermath. you can only imagine how thrilled i was that poison ended up being sprayed all over the kitchen - i just really hope we don't die from it.

wearing pajamas. we took lazy to the next level this weekend. seriously.

loving being in the same place as justin. and our apartment. it's homey & cozy. and also loving that our friend ben called me yesterday, simply to thank me for sending him a thank you note. that's sweet.

wanting our friends & loved ones to come visit us - i miss all of them terribly.

needing hangers. apparently i have a multitude of clothing. well... we already knew that, actually.

photo: iphone; taken by justin


you make me want to do a "currently" post! i really want some starbucks right about now...
Ashley said…
I love these "currently" posts! So cute! Congrats on your cozy apartment :)
Jenna said…
No coffee shop in town!? Ahhh!!! Your Starbuck's trip sounds so lovely though :) I need to go back and catch up on all of your posts!!! I am so behind. Cannot wait to be caught up on your life!
Stephanie said…
How sweet of your friend to call and say thank you! I feel like thank you notes have been forgotten about lately and it's upsetting me. I want to blog about it, but I think it would be obvious to some of my friends that I'm talking about them. Lol!
Jennifer said…
I love these posts! And I'm so glad you and Justin are living in the same place now!
Jayme and Mendi said…
I love Starbucks! The bee story sounds crazy! :-) Glad no one got stung!

Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

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