Tuesday, March 20, 2012

what i'm listening to.

back in my old office, lindsey & i almost always had music playing. and it was always what i thought of as cutting edge music. how i miss that! currently, i share my temporary new office with numerous other people, so blasting the 'today's college indie' station on pandora is a little uncalled for. when i'm moved into my new office, though, i can't wait to break out some of the tuesday with L & L playlists of yesteryear, as well as create some new ones to send over to the other L. we are kind of musical penpals.

all of that to say, with a drive-time of approximately one song length (give or take thirty seconds) to work, i've been doing most of my music-listening while in the shower.

and lately, the pandora station has been set to none other than one, john mayer. 

but seriously, not only does john mayer remind me of long afternoon naps in my freshman year dorm room (or watching photo slideshows with jenny on our computers - complete with full commentary, or working out constantly in the lambright center), but the musicians accompanying mr. mayer on his station recall nothing but memories of pure high school, pre-responsibility bliss. 

which has inspired the theme of my next mixed tape cd, which has been requested by a couple of folks who are music masters themselves, back home. i hope they know: they're in for quite a treat. as well as a guaranteed trip down memory lane. 

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Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I was never a hige John Mayer fan but I just started appreciating his music. In fact I was going to see him at JazzFest this year...then he cancelled his shows :( I'm a little bummed!

Amanda English said...

Nothing like walking down memory lane! xxoo A-

Unknown said...

Missing our mixes a lot today. This needs to happen this month. I will start making a list of our cutting edge jams ;) xoxoxoxoxo

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